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'Your voice makes a difference to the people of Darfur'

Andrea Bloom
HELP DARFUR: Chol Ajak Ayuen answers questions at the Voices for Darfur presentation.

Daoud Hari knows what it's like to be a refugee. He knows what it's like to flee from his own government, and what it's like to be imprisoned and tortured.

Doctor or lawyer? Three ASU students are becoming both

A post-graduate degree program at ASU that offers students the chance to become a doctor and a lawyer has enrolled a record number of students this year: three.

Gay studies certificate will return in spring
ASU faculty and students decided to get one thing straight the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender studies program will continue again next spring despite fall semester setbacks.

Citizen journalists are the future, author says
While an everyday person can report the news in today's society, citizen journalists could be subjected to more legal consequences in the future, said a former columnist for the San Jose Mercury News.

Police Beat
A 17-year-old female ASU student reported that a man unlawfully stole her identity on Sept. 12 by opening bank accounts at Chase Bank in Miami, Fla., by using her social security number, police reported.

Davis applies tools from wrestling career

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

There are two words in the realm of high school sports that triumph over all others.
State champion.

ASU women move up to No. 6

Expectations are high for the ASU men's and women's cross country teams near the midway point in the season.

Devil Dish
The whole Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy versus The Oklahoman sports department issue opens up some interesting questions about the media's coverage of college athletics.

ASU fires away, comes up empty
The ASU women's soccer team suffered its second straight 1-0 loss Tuesday night when it fell to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, N.M.

Davis applies tools from wrestling career
There are two words in the realm of high school sports that triumph over all others.
State champion.

Opinions: A life for a cell phone

WALLACE: You know what I didn't do? Talk on my cell phone. At all.

While I'd love to tell you this is the story of a young man willingly thrusting off the shackles of technology in a heroic, Walden-like experiment to gain perspective on culture and respond to it from the fringes, I simply lost the thing. I lost it and didn't have money for another.

Opinions: "FUCK BUSH"

While the majority of the ASU editorial staff wholeheartedly supports every newspaper's right to use this rather blunt statement, we also like our jobs. So we are keeping the quotation marks on our page and letting Rocky Mountain Collegian Editor in Chief David McSwane continue to take the heat for using his First Amendment right to say whatever he wants.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Cover story: Internet killed the radio star?


In kindergarten, the first thing we learn is that sharing is caring. In college, this idea could cost you thousands of dollars.

Feature: Chalk outline

Midnight is about to strike on ASU's Tempe campus. With February fresh in the crisp desert air, Ash Ponders, a religious studies senior, and the gang known affectionately as the Chalkmonauts, start to spread their art across the sidewalks.

Go: Fall color in Arizona
Fall is here in Arizona, but don't expect to see cholla turn orange and gold or for cacti to begin dropping their needles. If you're dying to see some real autumn color, a day-trip up north might be just what you need. Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon offer scenic views of landscapes and plenty of trees with real autumn color.

Local Limelight: Mammal instinct with self-help messages to create a winning sound
"Losers let it happen. Winners make it happen."

RC Helicopters

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