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Reviews of ASU 101 are in

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
STUDIOUS: Freshman Journalism major Katie Powers studies Monday evening. She, along with all freshman are required by ASU to enroll in the 5 week ASU 101 course.

As the first five-week session of ASU 101 comes to a close, students and faculty are giving mixed reviews.

ASU student sexually assaulted at frat house

A third ASU student in the last two weeks has been sexually assaulted.

The most recent sexual assault occurred Sept. 18 at a fraternity house on the 600 block of East Alpha Drive, according to ASU police.

New DUI law has yet to make impact, officer says
Although drunk drivers arrested in Arizona last weekend will be subject to one of the harshest DUI laws in the country if convicted, many are still oblivious to the laws' actual implications, Tempe police said.

Looking for a job? Become an accountant
Accounting students may work with big numbers, but they are also receiving the big bucks as the demand for talented students is on the rise.

President Bush honors ASU women's track team
The ASU Women's track team can now boast honors from a U.S. president in addition to winning two national championships this year.

Carpenter's scrambling gives ASU more chances

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

ASU coach Dennis Erickson said Monday that great quarterbacks are those who give themselves a second chance to make a play when protection breaks down.

ASU Sun Devils tied for fourth

The No. 2 ASU women's golf team sits currently tied for fourth place after the first round of play at the Margaret Branch NCAA Preview in Albuquerque, N.M.

Devil Dish
All Arizona Cardinal fans, front and center, you're going to want to hear this.

Sun Devils take sixth in Indiana
The No. 17 ASU men's golf team battled a field of strong competitors to finish in sixth place at the Golfweek/PING Preview held at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex in West Lafayette, Ind.

ASU looks to bounce back after tough loss
The ASU women's soccer team will be in Albuquerque, N.M., tonight to take on the University of New Mexico.

Opinions: Arizona: love it or leave it

SHOPE: It seems that the worst is behind us now. The worst being the dreaded weather that makes this region of the country feel like hell on Earth. It is during that scorching summer time when people are seemingly ten times more irritable than normal and sedentary becomes our collective middle name. Now that I'm able to move around more freely than before, I'll saddle you with what should be the last of my irritability for the season.

Opinions: Real justice, not southern justice for Jena Six

PRICE: In the small Southern town of Jena, La., six high school students await their sentencing for a school fight after lunch. If only it could be that simple. The six boys are black and the one boy they allegedly beat up is white, and with the backdrop being a small town in Louisiana with a history of blatant racism and Klu Klux Klan activity this is far from simple.

Opinions: Letters to the Editorial

Voice: Summer in the city


"We would love to have you intern." Those seven simple words would change my summer plans, and consequently my life, forever.

For years I had wanted to live in New York City and work in fashion. This past summer, my dream came true, and I was able to have a taste of what life and work in the Big Apple was like.

Ben Lee's latest "Ripe" too happy by half, but still fun ride

When then-14-year-old Ben Lee began his musical career as many years ago, critics said the indie-pop singer was just as precocious and pretentious as he was prodigious.

Sex: Absti-dance
Members of a Christian dance group are teaching other teens to save sex for marriage through an usual format: hip-hop routines and plays.

Dorks, unite! And go see "Sydney White"
"Sydney White," a modern take on the classic Grimm Brother's story, bears as much resemblance to the original as a poisoned apple does to an angry dwarf (or in this case, dork).

Out: Take a dip
It may seem odd to pay to eat at a restaurant where you have to cook your own food, but the experience at Shabu Fondue is well worth it. Shabu Fondue gives the communal Swiss dipping meal an Asian twist at a reasonable price, creating deliciously interactive meals.

RC Helicopters

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