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Sun Devils slaughter Spartans

Jeffrey Lowman / THE STATE PRESS
THE SPARKSTER: Cheerleaders hoist Sparky onto his platform helping the crowd celebrate one of six ASU touchdowns Saturday.

The ASU football team made no secret of how it planned to attack San Jose State Saturday night from the first snap of the opening drive.

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Marching band debuts new uniforms at season opener

The ASU football team wasn't the only revamped program to take Frank Kush Field Saturday night.

Poll: AZ voters support illegal-hire regulations
Sixty-nine percent of Arizona voters support federal regulations that would require business owners to verify the legal status of employees, according to a new Cronkite-Eight Poll.

Emergency? Please hold...
Dialing 911 on your cell phone might take longer than some ASU students think.

Volleyball takes three of four hosting tournament

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

The monkey is off the Sun Devils' backs.

After splitting Friday's doubleheader beating Long Island and losing to New Mexico the ASU volleyball team finished the Hilton Phoenix/East Mesa Challenge with an overall record of 3-4 after taking out Iowa State and Northern Arizona.

ASU runs to victory


This is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of senior running back Ryan Torain's effort on Saturday.

ASU nearly flawless in rout
Wow, where to begin? The ASU football team was impressive in its season-opening victory over San Jose State.

Sun Devils place third in warm-up meet
The ASU cross country teams began their fall seasons Saturday at the George Kyte Classic in Flagstaff.

Soccer splits in Las Vegas
The ASU women's soccer team came away with one win and one loss in its first two games of the 2007 season at the UNLV Adidas Classic in Las Vegas last weekend.

Devil Dish
Michigan's unthinkable loss to Appalachian State over the weekend should be a lesson to all Division-I teams: know your opponent, no matter how small of a threat they seem on the surface.

Opinions: With our eyes on '08, remember '00

SERVIS: It was the first question of the night.

"One of you is about to be elected the leader of the single-most powerful nation in the world, economically, financially, militarily, diplomatically, you name it. Have you formed any guiding principles for exercising this enormous power?"

Opinions: It isn't easy being green

MISAK: This is not another "let's save the world together" global warming piece. You have heard it all before. When it comes to global warming, opinions, statistics and debates have been shoved down your throat. If you really wanted to learn about global warming and make a difference you would, right?

As self-absorbed college students there's only so much we are willing to sacrifice in our own lives to change the environment.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: This letter is in reference to Joey Dougherty's column last Thursday, "Dorms Destroy Dreams."

Tempe arts center opening

Chris Atwood / THE STATE PRESS

Art anyone?

The Tempe Center for the Arts, located at 700 W. Rio Salado Parkway, will open its doors on Sunday, Sept. 9, with a Grand Opening Family Day Event from noon to 5 p.m.

Down with the (Sic)-ness

For writers, "sic" means "thus" that the errors and foul language of a quoted source are purely his or her own doing.

In a Trance
"So were you, or were you not, at the park?" comedic hypnotist Flip Orley asks me.

Orgasm under hypnosis: perversion or public service?
We've all seen that people can do ridiculous things when hypnotized: squawk like chickens, talk to their shoes or even think they're Disney characters, as our very own Celeste Sepessy found out.

Labor Day Leisure Spots
Labor Day is this weekend, and college students are getting ready for three days full of anything but labor.

RC Helicopters

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