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Sun Devils drop Spartans 45-3

Andrea Bloom
BALL COACH | ASU Head Football Coach Dennis Erickson watches a scrimmage at Sun Devil Stadium Friday night.

Andrea Bloom/The State Press

Dennis Erickson's debut as the head coach of the Sun Devil football team couldn't have gone any better.

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"Greek" not so Greek

Greek life isn't all it's cracked up to be like in ABC Family's new TV show "Greek," according to some ASU students.

"Greek" not so Greek
Greek life isn't all it's cracked up to be like in ABC Family's new TV show "Greek," according to some ASU students.

Campus sees string of copper theft
Students might want to think twice about discarding those loose pennies following a slew of copper thefts at ASU.

Soccer headed for Sin City

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU women's soccer team will begin its 2007 season tonight when it takes on Idaho State in the UNLV Classic in Las Vegas.

ASU volleyball hosting 4-team tournament

The ASU volleyball team will serve it up this weekend with four teams to open its home schedule.

The Sun Devils are hoping to bounce back from a series of losses in Las Vegas last weekend when it hosts the Hilton Phoenix/East Mesa Challenge at Wells Fargo Arena.

Devil Dish
It's no secret what a sham preseason football is. Pay regular season prices to watch third-string talent?

Up the mountain they go cross country teams open season in Flagstaff
The ASU men's and women's cross country teams will want to get off to a quick start when they begin their seasons on Saturday at the George Kyte Invitational in Flagstaff.

ASU Defensive Preview: Defense plans to 'fly around' under new coach
Coach Dennis Erickson knows exactly what he is working with on the defensive side of the football.

Opinions: How to be a responsible idiot

SPIVAK: There are a lot of common occurrences here at ASU. Some occurrences are expected and well known, while others result out of surprise.

As incoming freshmen, we expect ASU to live up to the party school it has always been talked about. And for many of us, this is just the case. It's an awesome commonality we as a student body share. But within the chaos, within all the fun exists a very large misconception about ASU.

Opinions: No good plan for Afghanistan

PATE: With opium production at an all-time high in Afghanistan, US officials have a new plan in mind to combat drug production. This one's not going to work, either.

Recently released UN figures show that, despite a $1 billion effort by British, American, and Afghan officials, Afghanistan's 2007 opium production was the highest on record.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what editorial board thinks in this week's Boos & Bravos.

In a Trance


"So were you, or were you not, at the park?" comedic hypnotist Flip Orley asks me.

Orgasm under hypnosis: perversion or public service?

We've all seen that people can do ridiculous things when hypnotized: squawk like chickens, talk to their shoes or even think they're Disney characters, as our very own Celeste Sepessy found out.

Down with the (Sic)-ness
For writers, "sic" means "thus" that the errors and foul language of a quoted source are purely his or her own doing.

Perfectly straightened, midnight-black hair frames the face of political science junior Steven Tran. Chocolate colored eyes are lined in black liner, and sky blue jeans hug the slender hips of his body. The words Sigma Phi Beta run along the front of his T-shirt.

Labor Day Leisure Spots
Labor Day is this weekend, and college students are getting ready for three days full of anything but labor.

RC Helicopters

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