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Frat man furnishes by phone

Branden Eastwood / THE STATE PRESS
WHA BRA!: Junior Tyler Anderson holds up cozies from the cell phone classified advertisement company paying to furnish his room at the Sigma Chi house.

While some students have to worry about how they're going to pay for furniture and living necessities, one ASU student only has to worry about getting cell phone reception.

More money requested for computer system

ASU is asking the Arizona Board of Regents today to approve a nearly 27 percent budget increase for OASIS.

Police Beat
A 35-year-old Fort Defiance, Ariz. man was arrested early Thursday morning on charges of aggravated DUI on the 1000 block of East Apache Boulevard.

Hitch a free ride on intercampus shuttles
There may be no such thing as free lunch, but now, at least there is a free ride.

Previously, students were charged $2 each way to ride the intercampus shuttles to the Polytechnic and West campuses.

Campus continues to see changes as it grows
Changes to ASU's Downtown campus include additional classes and more activities, but the campus' future continues to be under construction.

Devils want season to begin


After another impressive practice Thursday night, coach Dennis Erickson said the players are getting tired of just practicing against each other and are ready to hit somebody else.

ASU was an easy decision for new linebacker

Dale Robinson. Beau Manutai. Morris Wooten?

While the first two names may strike up fond memories for ASU football fans, the third might beg the question, who is that?

Sun Devils look for luck in Vegas
Getting lucky in "Sin City" would be an ideal way for the Sun Devils to start the season.

No summer breaks for Nordqvist
As most students took the summer off to unwind and relax, sophomore All-American Anna Nordqvist was teeing off on the opposite side of the world.

Devil Dish
In one of my Devil Dishes last semester, I said I could not care less about April baseball and that it was not the time to talk about the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Opinions: A serious addiction

SPIVAK: It had been a long night and this final game had gone on long enough. I was tired, my teammate was tired, and I had class in six hours. I looked up and saw fear in my opponents' eyes; they didn't want me to shoot. But this was my moment.

With ice in my veins I took one last look at the cup as I spun the white ping pong ball, still dripping with water. With the tension nearly at the breaking point, with the place ready to explode, I took one last breath as I prepared to deliver this ball to the beer it longed for. Brimming with confidence, I bent my legs and took the shot that would surely bring victory.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

As the Fall semester begins, the new course ASU101 is being taught as a requirement for all first-time freshmen. But serious questions remain about its legitimacy. A resolution is expected to be introduced in the Academic Senate, and it will provide an occasion for a broad-based discussion.

One of the important questions is whether the proposal for ASU101 went through the proper process and obtained approval from the faculty.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what got boo-ed and what got bravo-ed this week.

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