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On the Edge of Explosions

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Clarke
JUST ANOTHER DAY | ASU Volcanologist Dr. Amanda Clarke (left) stands with Margaret Mangan of the U.S. Geological Survey on the island of Monteserrat as a volcano blows in 1977.

The rumblings indicating that Amanda Clarke's life was about to change would barely register on a seismometer.

It was the summer of 1992 at Boeing headquarters in Seattle. Employees assembled to hear a pilot trainer lecture on a rare aviation hazard: flying through volcanic eruption plumes.

Police Beat
ASU police reported the following incidents: A 48-year-old Tempe man reported a burglary in the evening of July 17 at the Student Recreation Center.

Potter party marks All 'Hallows' Eve
If you were at the Borders on Mill Avenue Friday night, you may have run into Luna Lovegood, Severus Snape or even the wizard himself - Harry Potter.

Pimpin' the dictionary
It's OK; you can now officially play sudoku, listen to crunk and lay a smackdown on that annoying kid in class.

House and Senate push college cost bills
The U.S. Senate passed a bill last Friday that lawmakers have deemed the most significant boost of federal aid to higher education since the G.I. bill of 1944 that allowed millions of veterans to attend college.

Poetry slam energizes Friday nights
The culture of the spoken word spills over into the trendy club scene of Tempe's Mill Avenue District every Friday night at the Mill's End Café and Creperie during the weekly slam poetry contest.

Mexican journalist seeks political asylum
This past June, Mexican journalist, Claudio Gabriel Tiznado, made news when it was announced by Tucson base newspaper, The Arizona Daily Start, that he was seeking political asylum in the U.S.

High school janitor sentenced in sexual assault case
Former Saguaro High School janitor, 26-year-old Roberto Lemus-Rentana, was sentenced to eighty years in jail Thursday by Judge David K. Udall.

Pair of Devils help capture silver medal

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

The duo of Sun Devils on the U.S. National Baseball Team will return to Tempe with some new jewelry.

ASU junior first baseman Brett Wallace and junior catcher Petey Paramore helped Team USA capture the silver medal at the 15th annual Pan American Games last week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Chuck Berry to perform with Devil marching band on Thanksgiving
The ASU Marching Band will perform with Rock and Roll greatness on Thanksgiving at Sun Devil Stadium.

Devil Dish
There's something very wrong with professional sports these days. The NFL has dog fighting, the NBA has crooked referees, the MLB has steroids and no one even watches the NHL.

ASU renews radio home lease
The radio home of Sun Devil Athletics will remain in a familiar place. ASU and the Sun Devil Sports Network agreed to a three-year extension of their broadcasting rights contract with Bonneville Radio Phoenix.

Barry Bonds' last impression

Loren Wade, Chris Benoit and Barry Bonds. All were athletes, all are linked to steroids, but only two were murderers. The third is about to break one of the most impressive records in sports.

Boos & Bravos

BOO to a pair of employees implanting microchips into their forearms. The chips act as a way to restrict access to locations and hold data.
No matter what they hold, it's just creepy to think about having something like that in you permanently.

Twists, turns and deaths

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

In "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the seventh and final book in the Potter series, author J.K. Rowling leads readers on an exciting adventure with lots of twist and turns and deaths along the way (not to mention, it solidified my love for Fred and George Weasley, Ron's brilliant and sexy twin brothers).

Movie Review: Potter's twisted and dark world
"Hey-reeee Potter" is edgy. Looking back at the Harry Potter films, I would have never thought that they would change from being a family-fun movie with clichéd endings and turn into something that is not just magical and creative, but dark, twisted and leaves you wanting more.

Movie Review: Sunshine is just plain gloomy
Sunshine is not hot at all. It's not even tepid. I'd rather step outside and see real sunshine.

RC Helicopters

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