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ASU's stay in Omaha ends

All the pieces were seemingly in perfect position for ASU to live to see another day at this year's College World Series, but instead, UC Irvine flipped the script on the Sun Devils, taking a 8-7 victory.

Jury: at least 16 years

Although former ASU running back Loren Wade's final sentencing hearings won't begin until Aug. 24, a jury recommended a prison sentence of at least 16 years last Tuesday.

Pay raise for ASU's president to be voted on Thursday
Attendance and tuition may not be the only things increasing at ASU over the next few years - Michael Crow's salary may join the jump.

Toss out the library card, log onto Google
Google is in the process of creating a virtual online mega-library by incorporating millions of literary resources from over a dozen university and public libraries into its search engine.

Alarm leaves students out in heat
A fire alarm left several ASU students out in the heat late Monday as the Tempe Fire Department scoured a campus high-rise searching for the cause of the alarm.

At about 6:45 pm, fire alarms rang out in the BAC Building of the W.P Carey School of Business at ASU.

Boston's new 'Pedro'

Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox

While his former team was playing for a trip to the NCAA College World Series, former ASU baseball player Dustin Pedroia was digging into the batter's box at Chase Field, set to face Randy Johnson.

Devils escape UC Irvine in CWS

ASU's Ike Davis and UC Irvine pitcher Scott Gorgen had differing accounts of the waning seconds leading up to Davis' home run off the sophomore in Saturday's opening game of the College World Series for both teams.

Devil Dish
It's about time I show some love for Lisa Love.

Eight Sun Devils taken in MLB draft
Eight ASU baseball players were selected in the 2007 MLB draft last week, including Eric Sogard in the second round to the San Diego Padres.

Sogard, the 2007 Pac-10 defensive player of the year, was taken 81st overall.
Matt Spencer was selected in the third round by the Philadelphia Phillies, Andrew Romine in the fifth to the Los Angeles Angels and Tim Smith in the seventh to the Texas Rangers.

Opinions: Extreme makeover needed for the campus

DOUGHERTY: I'll be the first to admit that there are beautiful spots on ASU's campus. Certain locations on campus feel majestic or inviting and every so often ASU actually looks like a first class institution of higher learning.

However, there is a painfully disjointed nature to much of the grounds. Eyesores sit next to famous architectural masterpieces. Some areas are beautifully renovated while others are ignored for decades.

Opinions: The cost of a country's development: the environment

CHONG: Last week, The Economist reported that China is unveiling new measures in an attempt to curb their carbon emissions.

China has notoriously been known to be lax on its environmental policies, especially as it continues to develop its large cities at a feverish pace. The problem is painstakingly obvious to anybody who has visited a Chinese city.

A couple months ago a professor who had visited Beijing told me out of the two weeks he was in the city, there was only one day of sunshine.

Opinions: A lovely list
With ASU President Michael Crow possibly getting a raise to $720,000, we here at The State Press have some ideas on what Crow can do with all that cheese.

This show gets lil' laughs


Say what you will about the current condition of the United States, but President Bush has provided countless hours of entertainment.

'Once' you start, you can't stop

If the concept of an Irish musical sounds funny to you, then I don't blame you.

ASU grad takes his passion to the silver screen
When Seth Landau attended ASU in the mid '90s, he liked movies, but he never thought he'd make them.

'Once' you start, you can't stop
If the concept of an Irish musical sounds funny to you, then I don't blame you.

RC Helicopters

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