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Devils escape UC Irvine in CWS opener

ASU's Ike Davis and UC Irvine pitcher Scott Gorgen had differing accounts of the waning seconds leading up to Davis' home run off the sophomore in Saturday's opening game of the College World Series for both teams.

Loren Wade trial: Week 5

Former ASU running back Loren Wade was found unanimously guilty of possessing aggravating traits surrounding the 2005 shooting of Brandon Falkner Tuesday.

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Verdict: Former ASU football player guilty of second-degree murder
Former ASU running back Loren Wade was found guilty of second-degree murder Thursday for the shooting of another former ASU football player in 2005.

With the Memorial Union switching providers, some students left hungry
The Memorial Union is getting a facelift -- and many students on campus this summer aren't happy about it.

Alarm leaves students out in heat
A fire alarm left several ASU students out in the heat late Monday as the Tempe Fire Department scoured a campus high-rise searching for the cause of the alarm.

At about 6:45 pm, fire alarms rang out in the BAC Building of the W.P Carey School of Business at ASU.

Women's track team brings home outdoor title

Courtesy of ASU Media Relations

ASU track and field coach Greg Kraft has molded an undisputed champion out of the ASU women's track team.

Devil Dish

ASU Athletics are much further along than many people want to give credit.

In a Facebook group I joined a few months back titled "Pac-10 Domination" I've had to defend my Alma Matter against other Pac-10 supporters who feel ASU has a lackluster program.

Eight Sun Devils taken in MLB draft
Eight ASU baseball players were selected in the 2007 MLB draft last week, including Eric Sogard in the second round to the San Diego Padres.

Sogard, the 2007 Pac-10 defensive player of the year, was taken 81st overall.
Matt Spencer was selected in the third round by the Philadelphia Phillies, Andrew Romine in the fifth to the Los Angeles Angels and Tim Smith in the seventh to the Texas Rangers.

Lady Devils knocked out of dance
DePaul's first win over the Sun Devils since 1999 was the last loss of a solid season.

Opinions: The ugly children of MySpace

DOUGHERTY: Racial hatred and social networking don't seem to go hand in hand. All-inclusive social networking Web sites like allow anyone to join.

The sites promote interaction across social, racial and regional borders by exposing members to people they would never normally meet. However, several new Web sites like and are showing that the MySpace-model of interconnectivity can be perverted to create a web of hate or ignorance.

Opinions: Machines, not immigrants, taking American jobs

SNOW: I had the necessities: milk, toilet paper, vitamin water and Ben & Jerry's. Seeing as how I didn't really have many items, I decided to check myself out that way it would go more quickly. Scan a few items, put them in the bag, then swipe my credit card -- easy stuff.

Leaving Safeway, groceries in tow, I remembered that I still needed to cancel my DVD club membership (you know those CD clubs where you get 12 for a penny, and an extra one for half price).

Opinions: Boos and Bravo's
Check out the editorial board's Boos & Bravos this week.

Who wants to take a trip to Slovakia?

Courtesy of MCT

Slovakia has it all: hot-water springs, gorgeous women and one hell of a hostel.
Or at least that's the fictional (I hope) side of this central European country that writer and director Eli Roth portrays in his "Hostel" series.

Rig an entire casino in just over two hours

Apparently, the house doesn't always win in Las Vegas, proven again by "Ocean's Thirteen."

Surf's Up
Penguins are much better surfers than they are dancers. In Happy Feet, they just wobbled a few tap dance numbers, but in Surf's Up they boogie woogie it down.

RC Helicopters

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