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Loren Wade on trial for murder

Wade appeared in court Monday for the start of his murder trial's second week.

After two weeks of trial, the fate of a former ASU football player could be decided this week.

Loren Wade trial: Week 3

The defense team for Loren Wade rested after three days of presenting their case, leaving only closing statements before the jury begins its deliberation on the murder trial.

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State legislature proposes increase in student financial aid
The state Senate and House have both released their recommended budgets for 2008 including about $3 million for student financial aid - but members of the Arizona Students' Association want more.

Nothing glamorous about human trafficking
Though Megan McGinnity's profile appears in the June issue of Glamour - one of the nation's widest circulated magazines - she doesn't want to talk about it.
She wants to talk about human trafficking.

With local residents, Seattle artist designs light rail stops
Local residents with memories or personal stories about Apache Boulevard and the Tempe Canal now have the chance to become immortalized in one of Valley Metro's planned light rail stations in the downtown area.

Stores, pet owners look for alternatives to pet food after recall
A spokesperson for PetSmart said Friday that the company is concerned for consumers over the ongoing pet food recall.

ASU takes 2-of-3 from Wildcats

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU baseball team is once again on top of the Pac-10.

Lady Devils slam Tigers on way to World Series

The Lady Devils are at it again with another trip to college softball's biggest dance.

Devil Dish
Roger Clemens is a New York Yankee again -- and what a steal he was.

New Coach, New Era
Dennis Erickson isn't trying to reinvent the game of football while taking over the ASU program.

Opinions: Top reasons to hire illegals

DOUGHERTY: It's summer, it's 105 degrees outside, and mini-me could get lost in your front lawn because you haven't cut the grass in two months. Your sewage pipes are corroded, and you need new pool decking. Somebody needs to re-shingle your roof, and the paint is peeling off your walls. So who you gonna call?


Thirty years ago, these miserable tasks would have been the job of the neighborhood 16-year-old and his friends. Back then, young men could work all summer at hard, honest labor.

Opinions: Climate change requires end of partisan bickering

CHONG: When I first learned about political ideologies, I wondered how was it that out of all the wide range of social issues, a few groups could be drawn out and politicians could be characterized as liberal or conservative.

Yet the polarization of American politics is evident. If an individual feels very strongly about a certain issue and wants to gain the power to enact change on that issue, he or she has to align with ideologies on other issues that he or she may not necessarily agree with. Where, for example, is the mainstream political party for someone who believes in gay marriage and supports wealthy oil barons?

Opinions: ESPN and Court TV
As the trial of former ASU running back Loren Wade enters its third week, one might wonder when athletes started to make more headlines for off-field conduct instead of on-field conduct.

Tents, water and saltines


While most ASU students will spend this weekend partying, relaxing or studying for finals, some will trade the comforts of their college lives for a cardboard box to sleep in and a stack of saltine crackers to eat.

SPM Summer Travel: Weekend Getaways
Consider skipping town for the weekend and checking out one of these nearby destinations.

SPM Summer Travel: Historical Hotels
With summertime approaching, students will be looking for a break from their same, old Tempe surroundings. Luckily, Arizona is filled with Old West charm, and there's no better place to experience it than on a getaway to one of the state's many historic hotels.

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