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Five activities courses set to come back this summer

STAYING FIT | Music senior Ryan Bass plays frisbee on the Student Recreation Complex field Thursday. Frisbee used to be a course offered at ASU as an activities class.

Starting this summer, students will once again be able to run, whack, dance and swim their ways to credits.

Task force presents textbook study

A task force educated the Arizona Board of Regents on the causes of rising textbook costs Thursday in the Memorial Union.

Donate a few coins, and let the fun begin
Parting with money is rarely easy, but students with the ASU School of Design are trying to make it entertaining at the very least.

Don't drink the wine
A few glasses of wine have cost the Devils' Advocates president his position and membership in the club.

Police Beat
A 24-year-old Glendale man was arrested at McClintock Drive and McKellips Road Wednesday afternoon on charges of theft of means of transportation, trafficking stolen property and fraudulent scheming.

With local residents, Seattle artist designs light rail stops
Local residents with memories or personal stories about Apache Boulevard and the Tempe Canal now have the chance to become immortalized in one of Valley Metro's planned light rail stations in the downtown area.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

ASU hosts interstate rivals in weekend meet

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS

The ASU track and field team will compete for its final time in the regular season this weekend as the Sun Devils participate in two meets.

Devils visit Bay Area

All good things must come to an end sometime.

Water polo struggles while hosting tourney
The ASU water polo team got off on the wrong foot Thursday when it lost to the University of California Irvine, 13-12, in the first round of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Championships.

Devil Dish
If your date is taking you to the Red Lobster or Olive Garden for a romantic dinner tonight, break up. Endless pasta or shrimp does not equal endless love. (Spring '06).

Tennis teams compete at Pac-10 championships
The ASU men's and women's tennis teams began individual play at the three-day Pac-10 Championships on Thursday in Ojai, Calif.

Opinions: A glimpse of the future

HULL: Well folks, the time has come for us to depart.

Spring semester last year found me in a precarious state. With nothing to look forward to after graduating, I consoled myself to a life of watching "Home Improvement" marathons and peddling beer and chicken wings.

Opinions: U.S. election system could stand to learn from the French

I've never been one of those naysayers who is continually mocking all things French.

I like France. I like soft cheeses. I enjoy tall, pointy towers.

And let's face it, I developed the world's biggest crush on Zinedine Zidane when he headbutted Marco Materazzi in 110th minute of the World Cup final.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what editorial board thinks in this week's Boos & Bravos.

On the Cover: Not business as usual


It's what small businesses, like art galleries and cafes, complain about in areas where artsy enclaves are replaced with corporate centers. Areas where contemporary galleries and alternative eateries lose business because light rail construction and condo conversions.

Play puts naughty spin on fairy tales

Picture all of the characters from your favorite fairy tales stuck together and acting "real," instead of playing nice for the storybooks.

Saving souls, one Sun Devil at a time
Kyle Bagwell blends into the crowd of ASU students - until he stands on the steps surrounding the Memorial Union fountain, shouting Bible verses and philosophy for all to hear.

Hot Spot: A second oasis in the desert
Traditional Arab elements meet modern American touches at Oasis Cafe's second location, O2 Cafe, which opened in November. The cafe and hookah lounge on Broadway Road has luxurious decor that rivals the original cafe's fading seats and cracked floors.

Top 5: Signs your going to fail your finals
Who knew that the teacher actually wanted you to read that thing? Not to mention, he's going to test you on it?

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