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Community gathers for vigil

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
More than 500 ASU community members gathered for a candlelight vigil on Hayden Lawn honoring the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy Thursday.

Candlelight brightened the night on Hayden Lawn Thursday as more than 500 ASU students, faculty, staff and visitors showed their support to the victims and families of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Where the bottom line meets the environment

Students wearing tie-dyed T-shirts mingled with men in business suits at ASU's Green Summit Thursday.

'This is the high point of the year'
The College Republicans capped off their Conservative Pride Week Thursday with a visit from a former Iraqi general to Saddam Hussein.

Two students robbed at gunpoint, knifepoint
Two ASU students were victims of an armed robbery at the Sonora Center Wednesday night, police reported, and it has students who live in the hall shaken up.

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Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

ASU students take trash, make transportation
A group of ASU engineering students will test boats they built out of cardboard in the 8th Annual Rotary River Rally on Tempe Town Lake this Saturday.

Cajuns provide break from Pac-10

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS

It's time for a break from Pac-10 play in favor of some good ole' southern hospitality.

Tennis teams prepare to face the 'Cats

Both the ASU men's and women's tennis teams will finish up the regular season against rival UA Saturday, as the women host the Wildcats at home and the men travel to Tucson.

Final regular season games on tap
The ASU water polo team wraps up its regular season Saturday when it hits the road to take on a pair of San Diego opponents.

Devils look to Oregon schools as next victim
It's been night and day with this year's ASU softball team.

Devils gear up for postseason, travel to Invitational
The ASU track and field team will send a handful of athletes to La Jolla, Calif., this weekend to participate in the Triton Invitational.

Opinions: If you're going to play hooky, you don't need a good reason

HULL: According to Woody Allen, 80 percent of success is just showing up. While the film icon probably intended this pearl of wisdom to reflect his views on things like medical school interviews, I think we can also liken it to classroom attendance here at ASU.

And given the fact that a lot of us never make it to class in the first place, it's easy to understand why we do our best to finagle as many extra credit assignments as possible to make up for the remaining 20 percent.

Opinions: Sadly, there's a lot more out there to mourn about

RICKETSON: The events that took place Monday at Virginia Tech were tragic.

Such a gratuitous loss of life is always shocking and painful to witness.

And yet, while the nation mourns the loss of the 32 killed, I question why it is these lives we choose to honor.

Certainly, yes, they deserve remembrance. They deserve candlelight vigils. They deserve our heartfelt sorrow and sympathy.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
See what the editorial board boos & bravos this week.

On the Cover: Just playing around


A vigilante who carries a book with the magical power to kill anyone whose name is written within. A six-inch, adorable female robot with purple hair. A portly ninja who defends his city.

My friends are Sanjaya, Meredith and Tony

Love affairs. Jealousy. Backstabbing. Bad singing?

Hot Spot: Unlike your texts, books you'll want to read
This small, mysterious store is anything but your typical used-book shop. Old Town Books carries out-of-print tomes on interesting subjects, such as crime books and old magazines you couldn't find at Borders.

Brite's Bites: Posh pizza and pastries
Tucked within a residential area in central Phoenix sits La Grande Orange Pizzeria (40th Street and Campbell Avenue). La Grande Orange - or LGO as the restaurateurs abbreviate it - is a chic, urban pizzeria.

"Dreams of Degrassi"
For the last nine months, our Friday nights have revolved around "Degrassi." When Kristi missed the season premiere, we called her at least 50 times. It only got worse from there.

RC Helicopters

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