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It was all the pink tie

Palo Verde Main's contestant takes the plush crown

 by Aimee Tucker
 published on Monday, April 16, 2007

2007 MR. ASU | Kinesiology freshman and Palo Verde Main resident Will Roberts receives his crown and trophy as Mr. ASU 2007 Friday.  /issues/news/700832
Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
2007 MR. ASU | Kinesiology freshman and Palo Verde Main resident Will Roberts receives his crown and trophy as Mr. ASU 2007 Friday.


Mr. P.V. Main likes salsa dancing. Mr. Center won his fifth grade spelling bee. Mr. Manzy plays cricket.

It was "raining men" at Palo Verde Beach Friday, where eight students competed in the Residence Hall Association's second annual Mr. ASU contest.

Preliminaries for Mr. ASU were held in each RHA complex last week.

The final competition featured five tests - pick-up lines, formal wear, swimwear, a talent show and an interview.

Will Roberts, a kinesiology and exercise science freshman, sported a neon pink tie for the formal wear competition and danced a combination of East Coast swing and salsa during his portion of the talent show.

Roberts signed up for Palo Verde Main's preliminaries after a couple of contestants dropped out at the last minute, he said.

He never expected he would be crowned Mr. ASU by a panel of judges that included RHA officials and representatives, he said.

Mr. OCSA (Ocotillo and Sahuaro) Marcus Alexander charmed the audience with his pick-up line.

"You're just like my Visa card," said Alexander, a computer science junior. "You're everywhere I want to be."

Mr. Manzy - electrical engineering freshman Akshay Agrawal - had the audience laughing with his swimming attire and comedic talents.

Agrawal shuffled onstage wearing a full wetsuit, flippers, snorkel and goggles.

He later entertained the crowd with jokes about driving in India, his native country.

"There is one thing we stop for in my country," Agrawal said. "And that's a cow."

The coolest thing about this year's competition was that it incorporated all of the residence halls, said Jessica Williams, a political science junior and RHA's associate director of programming.

"[It was] amazing," she said. "We had twice the crowd as last year and awesome emcees."

It was fun to see what girls go through at beauty pageants, Roberts said.

It takes a lot of thought and preparation, he said.

Roberts' favorite portions of the competition were the swimsuit and talent competition, he said.

The contestant with the lowest score was eliminated after each category, until only three remained: the representatives from Palo Verde Main, Hassayampa and Manzanita.

Roberts was given a large trophy and a plush crown after the emcees proclaimed him the winner.

After all, as one of the emcees said about Roberts, "How can you refuse a man in a pink tie?"

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