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McCain's voting record 2nd worst in Senate

Olivier Douliery / ABACAUSA.COM

McCain has missed about 33 percent of the 126 votes in the Senate this session, according to The Washington Post's Vote Database.

Design college offers Legislature redesign proposals

Gov. Janet Napolitano thinks that the state Legislature could use a new home - and the students and administrators from ASU's College of Design want to help.

Mitchell talks college affordability
Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., discussed college affordability and the importance of student grassroots work in politics at a campus chat Wednesday.

ASU preps for outbreak
ASU is prepared for a pandemic flu outbreak - even though administrators don't expect one will strike Tempe anytime soon.

Newman Center looks to the sky
Another high-rise housing project could show up near campus in coming years, but this one wouldn't be upscale condominiums catering to buyers with big bank accounts.

ASU Supreme Court rules 'no' on second election
The ASU Supreme Court ruled there would not be another election for Undergraduate Student Government (USG), after hearing several election violation complaints Tuesday evening.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

The 'lasers' on the wall
Paramount's LaserSpectacular is hitting Dodge Theatre on Saturday, April 14 at 8 p.m.

Cochran is Devils offensive juggernaut

Jamie Scharer / THE STATE PRESS

At the beginning of last season, ASU sophomore outfielder Kaitlin Cochran was just another wide-eyed freshman trying to make a dent in the Pac-10.

Hinkle leaves her family's gymnastics nest

At some point in most of our lives, our parents have made some complaint about school grades and dirty rooms.

Flores adjusts to big-time baseball
Not everyone can make the transition from junior college to a university like ASU junior pitcher Brian Flores has.

National champ just getting started
Many athletes go through a sophomore slump during their second year competing at the college level.

Devil Dish
As the temperature in the Valley continues to increase, so does the excitement on ice.

Devils look to bounce back in Pac-10 play
After starting conference play with five competitive road games, the ASU softball team will be looking forward to playing in the friendly confines of Farrington Stadium.

Opinions: A dinner debate between the left and the right

THOMPSON: Two talking heads sit down to dinner, one on the left and one on the right, to talk about politics and other issues.

"My views are more just than yours," says the left. "I believe in respecting individual rights, choices and liberties."

"I beg to differ," says the right. "My views are based on morality and practicality. They clearly supersede yours because they provide the safest and most effective society."

Opinions: Forcing prostitution away from Van Buren won't make it disappear

HANSON: If you want to pay by the hour for your Van Buren motel room, then too bad.

The city of Phoenix has finally completed its goal of running hourly motels out of the city. After long police investigations, and a clear intention to force motel-owners to give up their sexually oriented business licenses, Phoenix city government has gotten the final hourly-rate motel to cave.

The Desert Winds Motel, located at 1865 E. Van Buren St., surrendered the last hourly rate motel license in Phoenix.

Opinions: Should brains be private?
BOWMAN: The thought of being strapped to a lie detector and at the mercy of a list of questions makes people uncomfortable.

On The Cover: Hoop dreams

Even though Phoenix is already home to the National Basketball Association's Suns, a new team has taken the court. The Phoenix Flame, one of several expansion teams of the 3-year-old International Basketball League, played its first game last Friday.

A vacation from your clothes

In a quiet corner of New River, Ariz., residents and visitors hike, play volleyball and swim - naked.

Brite's Bites: Valley's desserts don't disappoint
Since Brite's Bites was nixed last week in honor of SPM's "Best of" issue, I decided to do a little "best of" myself. But I'm not interested in the best bars in Tempe or the best places to have sex on campus...

No Laughing Matter
As almost everybody knows, a good sense of humor is a major turn-on. Cracking a joke can make even the dullest of situations entertaining, regardless of the setting.

Dance it out
Dance majors twirl, leap and sashay through college. But while the public may think these dancers are headed for a career on Broadway or as prima ballerinas, some dancers hope their skills will contribute to more than just the world of art.

RC Helicopters

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