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She turned the team around, and she's not done yet

WHERES THE CALL?: ASU womens basketball head coach Charli Turner Thorne wonders where the call is during a January win over California.

Charli Turner Thorne doesn't stop.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Losing is never easy, but losing in front of an entire state is something few can talk about.

Race expected to bring $5.1M to Tempe
This weekend's Ironman Arizona Triathlon at Tempe Town Lake will bring millions of dollars to the city this weekend, but not without its share of traffic snarls.

Turns out, Clinton isn't from 'Fat City'
While presidential candidates have embraced to help their campaigns, candidates have also become the subject of parody.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

BLOG: Re/Mix
Here's a place to give me feedback, tell me what you want to see, what you like, or how your day was today.

Racquetball finishes second in country


The ASU women's racquetball club captured the Division I national title while both the men and women's teams combined to finish second overall at the sport's National Collegiate Championships March 28 to 31.

Arizona sports not so hot to all
In a town that offers all four major sports along with several other professional franchises, optimism and pessimism are often shared by the fans rooting on the Arizona teams.

Devil Dish
The 2007 baseball season is officially underway, and the Diamondbacks are already off to a great start, going 5-2 on their first road trip of the year.

Tennis teams endure tough stretch
It was a rough weekend on the road for ASU men's tennis.

Opinions: Action and awareness don't need to be separate

SERVIS: It never ceases to amaze me how breathtakingly selfish I am.

I want the car that burns 17 miles to the gallon, and I want the gas prices to go down two dollars. I want all this so I can drive to the grocery store that is just down the street to buy my favorite apples that are flown in from South America.

I wonder how many miles to the gallon that airplane gets?

I want all this even though I have read recent reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that call global warming "unequivocal" and human activities "very likely" its leading cause.

Opinions: Message is important, not the messenger

VAIDYANATHAN: Last week I had the opportunity to watch Al Gore's live presentation of "An Inconvenient Truth" at Gammage Auditorium, and I was inspired. This inspiration did not come from the words of a man who should be president, his jokes at the expense of the current administration, or the history of his struggle to raise environmental awareness.

The graphs, figures and pictures of places affected by climate change were all much more effective in leading one to a troubling conclusion. The buzz around the movie points to something even more troubling: the truth isn't as important as the title or the speaker.

Opinions: All right, let's not talk about it
Toward the end of the school year, as students' eyes start to glaze over in class and their free time gets buried in procrastination-delayed group projects, letters to the editor slow to a trickle in our inbox.

SPM: Best of 06-07

The results are in: From hottest professors to best happy hour, SPM brings you the best of ASU and the Valley in this guide to student favorites.

Just add these picks to your "must go" list, and we guarantee you'll never be bored again.

Post-punk hellraisers mellow out in 2nd release

As the best of the early- '00s U.K. post-punk wave that counted Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand and the Futureheads among its luminaries, Maximo Park found itself as unexpected underdogs in the crowded scene.

Best Place to Buy Jewlery & Accessories: Here on the Corner
It's during lecture when you realize you forgot your earrings at home. Step 1: Sneak out when the professor's back is turned. Step 2: Head to the corner of College Avenue and University Drive. Step 3: Walk into the Here on the Corner boutique and spice up that plain ensemble.

Best Hamburger and Fries: Delux Bar & Grill
The bright lights and pleather-cushioned seats of IHOP don't always have to go hand in hand with satisfying those late-night munchies.

Best Hipster Dance Place: Glam
Glam is the place to be on a Friday night.

Check out those curves
In 1908, Ford invented the first automobile, the Model T. Now, 99 years later, cars dating back to this time are still revered and showcased.

RC Helicopters

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