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Home values are up. Your taxes are, too.

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
TEMPE TAXES: Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman and Tempe City Council members listen to resident concerns regarding property tax rates at their Thursday meeting.

Property tax bills in Tempe will increase this year to pay for $150 million in construction and restoration for city facilities.

What started off as a bang, ended more in a fizzle

It was "basically just a publicity stunt to cause an uproar and get people to start thinking about racism" ...

Erasing the writing on the walls
"This class sucks." "I (heart) Cox." "Haters!" "We don't belong here."

Knock knock. Who's there? Not your tutor.
As hundreds of freshmen move into the residence halls next fall, one thing will be missing - tutors.

Turn on the Faucet
The Real Venue opens its doors to local band Faucet Friday April 6 to promote their first HourZero show.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

Leake powers Devils past Stanford


ASU freshman pitcher Mike Leake was the complete package Thursday against Stanford, despite a rocky start.

Softball seeks revenge versus Wildcats

The bitter taste of losing to intrastate rival UA still lingers in the collective mouth of the ASU softball program, 338 days later.

Burgess finally focuses on WR
Former ASU football coach Dirk Koetter spoke a number of times last fall on the degree of difficultly involved for a player attempting to return from a high ankle sprain.

Men's tennis to take on USC, UCLA
This season has been filled with firsts for the ASU men's tennis program, especially with regard to the last couple weeks.

Water polo hits the road again
The streaking ASU women's water polo team will head to northern California this weekend to take on a pair of conference foes.

Opinions: Getting syllabus from Blackboard just not same

RICKETSON: Dear Syllabus:

It's been three months and I still can't get you off my mind. I think about you every day. Oh Syllabus, I miss you so much!

Why you? Why now? It didn't have to be this way, Syllabus.

We could have lived a long and happy life together, but you didn't want it. You wanted to disappear off the face of the Earth and leave me all alone.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

I have worked in libraries for a long time and may I just say: ew!

Do you have any idea what you're subjecting yourself and other library users to when you decide to have sex in the library stacks?

First, library books are dirty. I don't mean "Lady Chatterley's Lover," either. They are dusty. They have passed through many hands, so they are covered with germs and more dirt.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out the editorial board's Boos & Bravos this week.

SPM: Best of 06-07

The results are in: From hottest professors to best happy hour, SPM brings you the best of ASU and the Valley in this guide to student favorites.

Just add these picks to your "must go" list, and we guarantee you'll never be bored again.

Best Pizza: La Grande Orange Pizza

Pizza aficionados from all over the country will tell you that Pizzeria Bianco, the infamous downtown joint with the three-hour waits, has the best pizza you'll ever eat.

Best Art on Campus: Harry Wood Gallery
Ambient sounds of harps and keyboards float from speakers, and lights illuminate a row of charcoal and oil paintings. Abstract shapes form kaleidoscope sunbursts and green and blue bubbles.

Best Thrift Store: Sunset Xchange
Whether it's a fondness for styles of past generations or a hunger for contemporary fashion, Sunset Clothing Xchange has the goods. Here, shoppers can buy, sell and trade.

Best Sex Shop: Hustler Hollywood
When you've got sex on the brain, head to Hustler Hollywood, the classiest porn shop in town. As you walk inside, you'll be greeted by nice employees who are not afraid to say "anal," "orgy," or any other sexual synonyms you can imagine.

RC Helicopters

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