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SPM: Best of 06-07

The results are in: From hottest professors to best happy hour, SPM brings you the best of ASU and the Valley in this guide to student favorites.

Just add these picks to your "must go" list, and we guarantee you'll never be bored again.

Students rally for more aid

A showdown at high noon had students shouting "Yee-hah" for additional financial aid funding at the State Capitol Wednesday.

Student loan contract under investigation
The relationship between ASU and a student loan provider is one of more than 100 under investigation by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Sure, you're outgoing, but can you walk backward?
Clad in a white collared shirt, Mark Appleton walked backwards for nearly two hours Wednesday afternoon trying to convince 10 potential freshmen to choose ASU.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

'I have a lot of secrets'
The black and white square snapshots are cut up and pasted back together in personal ads and couple's declarations of love.

One reads, "I love this boy more than my life. 6/18/06."

Devils gear up for hosting Stanford


The young Stanford baseball team won't have it easy while trying to regroup this weekend.

In sailing, he finds a new perspective

ASU's award-winning and nationally recognized sailing club isn't a popular organization among students on campus.

Devils regain top spot in nation with win
The ASU women's golf team regained its No. 1 national ranking thanks to its third consecutive tournament victory last weekend.

According to's latest rankings, the Sun Devils jumped ahead of Duke as the best team in the nation with their last tournament win.

Devil Dish
Sometimes I have moments of public relations genius - I swear it.

I was playing Nintendo Wii Sports Bowling the other night when I thought of the greatest idea for getting more fans and students out to ASU sporting events: Wii sports against the athletes that play the sports.

Opinions: Presidents should have a required reading list

HANSON: Every now and then, you read something that actually makes you think. And every now and then, you realize the president of the United States doesn't read.

I had such an epiphany Monday night, preparing for a philosophy of law examination on Tuesday morning. And by preparation, I mean to say that I finally cracked the assigned reading, which included Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's book, "A Matter of Interpretation."

Opinions: Real sports have bikinis

Now that all the basket-ballyhoo has finally ended, the real Final Four begins.

The tournament where Joaquim Noah's ugly mug is nowhere to be found, and Florida lost in the round of 64 to Berkeley.

Only the hottest college coeds in the country compete in this contest, and only one of the four lovely ladies - including one each from ASU and UA - will earn the title of the 2007-2008 Miss Tempe12, the sexiest girl in the nation.

Opinions: Private journalist shoulders the burden of a free press
BOWMAN: When Josh Wolf walked out of a federal prison in California on Tuesday, the media waiting at the doors owed him congratulations and a thank you.

On the Cover: Model Behavior


In hopes of a huge career, some models may feel the pressure to slim down.

She's the average runway model. And while her stats may cause women to be envious and men to want her, some see them as a cause for concern.

Would you like a side of music with your meal?

If you love music almost as much as food, you'll love Fez, located at 3815 N. Central Ave. in downtown Phoenix.

Brite's Bites: Expand your eating horizons
Whenever I take a newbie to an Ethiopian restaurant, I never fail to hear the same joke. "But Ethiopians are skinny, so will we really even be eating anything?"

You Asked 4 It: High stress leads to high debt
This is my first year at ASU, and it's been really stressful for me. I've noticed that the more stressed out I get, the more money I spend. I already have three credit cards, and I'm wracking up debt on all of them. I feel like everything is getting way out of my control. Please help.

Details of Death
Skulls and crossbones, machine guns in video games, and violence on TV - it may seem like death is all around us. Death may be the common fate that all people share, but the way death is handled varies significantly among cultures.

RC Helicopters

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