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First they were buzzwords.
Now they're a class.

Jamie Scharer / THE STATE PRESS
ALL ACCESS ASU: CIS Senior Austin Hamilton conducts a campus tour for incoming freshmen and their parents. These prospective students will be required to take a new class next year called ASU 101.

A new mandatory class for incoming freshmen has left some faculty frustrated and students with mixed reactions.

Businesses struggle against being left behind

Two years ago a clean, white building with five businesses sat on the corner of Terrace Road and Lemon Street, a block east of campus.

Vice provost completes year of 'grand project'
Upon the announcement that she was named the vice provost of academic affairs in March 2006, Cordelia Chavez Candelaria said the position at the Downtown campus would be one of her "grand projects."

Shoot 'em up, and then fold 'em out
After students are done blowing apart their friends online, they can sit back and help research Alzheimer's disease with Sony Corp., Stanford University's partnership.

'I have a lot of secrets'
The black and white square snapshots are cut up and pasted back together in personal ads and couple's declarations of love.

One reads, "I love this boy more than my life. 6/18/06."

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

Carpenter reveals last season's injuries


It may have taken seven months, but the ASU football team's junior quarterback Rudy Carpenter finally disclosed the details regarding his 2006 season.

The Sun Devils starting signal-caller played with injuries to both his hands during his sophomore campaign.

Burkhart rewrites record books for Devils

The year of 2007 has been kind to Katie Burkhart.

Florida's win more impressive than exciting
I thought I was a genius for skipping out on my Spanish class Monday to watch the NCAA title game, but I have to admit I wasn't too enthralled with my decision.

Devil Dish
Hunched over a plate of food at dinner last week, I nearly choked and fell out of my chair when I came across something extremely startling.

Devils capture first team title of season
After two disappointing finishes in its last two outings, the ASU men's golf team captured its first tournament title of the season, winning the 2007 National Invitational Tournament in Tucson Tuesday.

Opinions: If we can't trust science, what can we trust?

NEFF: I heard Al Gore speak on Monday. Judging from the bucket of letters commenting on Hilary Wade's column of two weeks ago, half of you just reached for your revolvers at that statement alone.

It's getting to the point where the cliches people have been trotting out about Gore are seeping into the collective consciousness far more than the actual science has, which is a pretty sad assessment for Gore's campaign.

Opinions: News you can use comes from many different sources

WADE: With innumerable ways of finding out what is going on in the world, it is easy to get a quick rundown of the news.

But while most of us follow current events, many of us are tempted to get our news from only a handful of outlets. Granted, these outlets might be stellar sources, such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, but by our choosing to expose ourselves to the same sources every day, we are limiting ourselves.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
There is no doubt that China is becoming a global powerhouse. Ever since Deng Xiaoping opened China's economy to international markets, investors have flowed into China for cheap labor and capital resources.

On the Cover: Model Behavior


In hopes of a huge career, some models may feel the pressure to slim down.

She's the average runway model. And while her stats may cause women to be envious and men to want her, some see them as a cause for concern.

Would you like a side of music with your meal?

If you love music almost as much as food, you'll love Fez, located at 3815 N. Central Ave. in downtown Phoenix.

Brite's Bites: Expand your eating horizons
Whenever I take a newbie to an Ethiopian restaurant, I never fail to hear the same joke. "But Ethiopians are skinny, so will we really even be eating anything?"

You Asked 4 It: High stress leads to high debt
This is my first year at ASU, and it's been really stressful for me. I've noticed that the more stressed out I get, the more money I spend. I already have three credit cards, and I'm wracking up debt on all of them. I feel like everything is getting way out of my control. Please help.

Details of Death
Skulls and crossbones, machine guns in video games, and violence on TV - it may seem like death is all around us. Death may be the common fate that all people share, but the way death is handled varies significantly among cultures.

RC Helicopters

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