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Students audition for 20th season of Real World

 by Jonathan J. Cooper
 published on Monday, April 2, 2007

BACK TO THE REAL WORLD: Marketing junior Wes Bergmann was a part of “The Real World: Austin” cast./issues/news/700535
Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
BACK TO THE REAL WORLD: Marketing junior Wes Bergmann was a part of “The Real World: Austin” cast.


Dozens of students waited in line Saturday for their chance to eliminate all privacy and open their lives to a national audience for entertainment.

Casting for MTV's hit television show "The Real World" rolled into Tempe over the weekend. Producers searched for the next round of seven strangers who will live together in a new home and a new city, as cameras watch their every move, broadcasting their tensions, fights, indiscretions and breakdowns.

"I pretty much put myself out there every day [already]," said Eddy Rosales, a marketing sophomore who was waiting in line to audition. "What's a million people more?"

The key to getting chosen is to tell good, compelling, interesting and entertaining stories, said Wes Bergmann, an ASU marketing student who appeared on "The Real World: Austin" in 2005.

"You have to be a good storyteller," Bergmann said. "If you can't sit there and be asked a really general question and make the story entertaining, you're not going to get on the show."

Another ASU student, Alex Smith, is in the current cast.

Hopefuls trickled into the line of about 20 people outside Zuma Grill on Mill Avenue Saturday. Newcomers steadily replenished the contenders being called inside for an interview.

"I think it'd be a good learning experience, being put out there in a different environment that you don't even know and trying to get used to life," Rosales said.

Brianna Mattox, a journalism and dance freshman, said it was her "life goal" to be cast on "The Real World." Her personality would be a perfect fit for the show, she said.

"I can be crazy without the alcohol," she said. "I'm determined to get what I want."

Producers are searching for cast members with specific career or life goals for the show's next season, its 20th, according to a press release from the casting agency.

"It definitely will have a different twist for the 20th season," said a spokeswoman. "It will be special, interesting and exciting."

Producers haven't yet released the city where the next season will be taped.

The season currently airing was filmed in Denver.

Alisha Martin, an interdisciplinary studies junior, said she auditioned on a dare.

The interview environment was relaxed and comfortable, she added.

"It was chill, very laid back, like you're having a casual conversation," she said.

Cheryl Ann Mares, a sociology freshman, said going on "The Real World" would be a new thing that no one has done from her small hometown in Virginia.

"I just want to have a whole bunch of things to tell my kids, 'When I was young, I did this,'" Mares said.

She would bring a unique perspective to the show, she added.

"I'd be the good girl, southern girl," she said. "But I still do my share of partying."

If casters select an ASU student this year, he or she will join two other Sun Devils who have opened up their lives.

Bergmann said he enjoyed his experience on the show, which brought him "a lot of money, a fiancee and a whole hell of a lot of experiences."

"Every single day of my life I'm going to think about 'The Real World,' or mention it, or be asked about it," Bergmann said.

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