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Students audition for 20th season of Real World
Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
BACK TO THE REAL WORLD: Marketing junior Wes Bergmann was a part of “The Real World: Austin” cast. Dozens of students waited in line Saturday for their chance to eliminate all privacy and open their lives to a national audience for entertainment.

Hundreds celebrate a 'Carnaval' of arts
An echelon of Mardi Gras-inspired art enthusiasts gathered to show their faces, mingle, drink and bid an average out-of-state student's full year-long tuition on their favorite art pieces Saturday night.

Loop 202 deaths still surreal
ASU student Jill Boda and her boyfriend Evan Parkison, a Collins College student, died Wednesday evening following a collision on the Loop 202 freeway.

'Twenty years is hard to type'
Putting the life of a loved one into words is not an easy thing to do for Stephanie Boda, sister of Jill Boda, who died in a car crash last week.

Armed with humor, haikus, group tries to break barriers
Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
Film production junior Matthew Klassen warms up before performing at a talent show Friday. The talent show was hosted by Campus Crusade for Christ. Lights from a painted city skyline dimmed onstage as a Gollum impersonator emerged from the shadows.

Amidst controversy, a run to remember Tillman
Nearly three years after his death, former ASU and Arizona Cardinals football star Pat Tillman is still remembered as a hero who turned down the fame of the NFL to fight for his country.

Police Beat
An ASU owned golf cart was stolen from Cady Mall Thursday afternoon, police reported.

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