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Students audition for 20th season of Real World

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
BACK TO THE REAL WORLD: Marketing junior Wes Bergmann was a part of The Real World: Austin cast.

Dozens of students waited in line Saturday for their chance to eliminate all privacy and open their lives to a national audience for entertainment.

'Twenty years is hard to type'

Putting the life of a loved one into words is not an easy thing to do for Stephanie Boda, sister of Jill Boda, who died in a car crash last week.

Hundreds celebrate a 'Carnaval' of arts
An echelon of Mardi Gras-inspired art enthusiasts gathered to show their faces, mingle, drink and bid an average out-of-state student's full year-long tuition on their favorite art pieces Saturday night.

Armed with humor, haikus, group tries to break barriers
Lights from a painted city skyline dimmed onstage as a Gollum impersonator emerged from the shadows.

BLOG: ASU Coachella Blog
Today's the day. The Coachella music festival has started. Sam Gavin will be updating live from Indio, photos included. READ MORE AT |

NFL veteran set to appear in court
A five-year veteran of the National Football League was arrested in Scottsdale with charges of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana and is set to appear in court today.

Turner Thorne gets contract extension


The ASU women's basketball team's best-ever season may have ended without a national title, but it did not come without reward.

Host Devils win ASU Invitational

The ASU women's water polo team's weekend got off on the wrong foot but ended on a high note.

ASU wins third straight by 22 strokes
Not only did the No. 2 ASU women's golf team win its third consecutive tournament by setting the tournament-low total score, the Sun Devils finished the 2007 PING/ASU Invitational with some serious style points.

Sun Devils go 2-1 at Washington series
Seattle was lit up by two of the Pac-10's hottest teams this weekend.

Another big weekend for ASU track
The ASU track and field team continued to put up huge marks last weekend as its members combined for 21 regional qualifying marks and 10 individual wins at the Arizona International in Tucson and the Stanford Invitational in Palo Alto, Calif.

Opinions: 'Temptation still got a hold on me'

VAIDYANATHAN: It's almost over. For 40 days, I will have forsaken pleasures of the flesh and honed my will down to a keen and razor edge, bleeding away decadence and fighting my predilections.

I have thirsted for the sacred nectars of Coca-Cola, coffee and alcohol like a dehydrated man gasping for water in the desert, agonizingly rejected offers of free pizza and ice cream like a priest turning down a willing woman, and held my libidinal energies in check like a lion tamer trying to hold a dragon at bay with a chair.

Opinions: Rest of world should pay attention

PATE: China is becoming a world power, and it's starting to throw its weight around. America, and the world at large, should take more notice of this fact.

It's a common trend among nations that their spheres of interest expand with their economic and military power - their "hard power." For example, the America of the 1860s and '70s would never have concerned itself with the political system of a small, unimportant Southeast Asian nation.

But a century later, America fought in Vietnam.

Opinions: The bigger they are...
Global warming has become a hot topic in recent months, as demonstrated by the flood of e-mails still coming in from Hilary Wade's column on the topic two weeks ago.

On the Cover: Model Behavior


In hopes of a huge career, some models may feel the pressure to slim down.

She's the average runway model. And while her stats may cause women to be envious and men to want her, some see them as a cause for concern.

'Glory' wins gold medal

Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are rival figure skaters that must team up and, with the help of Coach (Craig T. Nelson of "Coach"), win the gold medal in the pairs division.

Brite's Bites: Expand your eating horizons
Whenever I take a newbie to an Ethiopian restaurant, I never fail to hear the same joke. "But Ethiopians are skinny, so will we really even be eating anything?"

A photo you don't want taken
If you've been on the Loop 101 in the past year heading toward Scottsdale and beyond, you've undoubtedly slammed on your breaks. Hopefully you narrowly missed having a candid camera moment with Scottsdale's often-criticized photo radar system.

Tech Check: Too busy to Google your celebrity gossip?
Googling Britney Spears and Anne Nicole Smith will bring up millions of Web sites about the infamous celebrities. But if that sounds like too much info to wade through, don't worry: new gossip site has everything you need to know about the stars you stalk in one easy stop.

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