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Loop 202 deaths still surreal

ASU student Jill Boda and her boyfriend Evan Parkison, a Collins College student, died Wednesday evening following a collision on the Loop 202 freeway.

Paper or Paper?

Chunky or smooth peanut butter? Red apples or green? Paper or plastic?

'I have a degree in hard knocks'
With a mauve sport coat and bright red reading glasses, Hut Hutson stands out among the conservative dark suits that share the platform in the Tempe City Council chambers.

Get her back
A former ASU student is on the run from the law more than a year after she was involved in an accident that claimed the life of a Mesa man.

500 tackle once-loved park
ASU will be proving that it really does care Saturday.

BLOG: Re/Mix
Here's a place to give me feedback, tell me what you want to see, what you like, or how your day was today.

Phoenix Art Space marks one-year anniversary, hosts party
Today marks the one-year anniversary of local art organization Phoenix Art Space, and to celebrate their success they are throwing a party.

New roast, new smell, new neighbor
Tempe residents living south of Rural Road on Vista Del Cerro Drive may not notice their new neighbor, but instead may smell it.

Pac-10 gymnasts convene in Tempe


ASU will be amass with lean, leotard-clad women this weekend, as Wells Fargo Arena plays host to the Pac-10 women's gymnastics championships Saturday.

Devils travel for 3-game Washington series

There's little time for the ASU baseball team to dwell on a tough loss, even if such a loss is by one run to intrastate rival UA.

Pac-10 opener on tap for Sun Devil softball

That's all ASU softball coach Clint Myers said he expects out of his team this weekend as it begins Pac-10 play.

Tennis teams fresh off UA wins
The ASU men's tennis team dropped UA 6-1 in Saturday's Desert Cup at the Whiteman Tennis Center.

Water polo hosts gauntlet of games
The ASU women's water polo team has a big weekend of home games ahead of it.

Opinions: Don't run from the awkward turtle

HULL: All right kids, it's time to zip up your fly, floss the broccoli out of your teeth and kick the toilet paper off your shoe, because we've got something important to talk about. Today we are faced with an important issue, one that continually plagues our social interactions and skews our ability to be comfortable with ourselves and others.

You know that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your shifty eyes darting back and forth. Your constant collar-pulling.

I'm talking, of course, about awkwardness.

Opinions: Finding inspiration from a week of worldwide rebellion

RICKETSON: I have a notebook where I keep articles about people who have inspired me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the world, I look through the notebook and remind myself that one person can always make a great difference.

This week I added Wu Ping to the notebook. Wu is a 49-year-old restaurant entrepreneur in Chongqing, China, who refuses to sell her home to developers.

The 280 houses surrounding that of Ms. Wu's were all sold, and demolition began around her, leaving her home sitting atop a skinny stretch of land, encroached on all sides by a pit.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what the editorial staff Boos & Bravos this week.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
When I went to replace my parking permit this past week, I noticed a sign that stated that parking permits were going up around $30 to 40 for this next semester.

On the Cover: Model Behavior


In hopes of a huge career, some models may feel the pressure to slim down.

She's the average runway model. And while her stats may cause women to be envious and men to want her, some see them as a cause for concern.

Local Limelight: Silly name, serious goals

At a house in Guadalupe, the seven members of a jazz-ska-punk-reggae-rock band set up for practice. Then, a member's cell phone rings, bringing the bad news that the jam session must be canceled - there's a funeral going on nearby, and the music might disturb the mourners.

Top 5: Sunburns to avoid
1. Farmer's tan
Ah, the classic. Spring snuck up on you while you were still wearing a short-sleeve shirt. Now it looks like you've been plowing the fields all the livelong day.

A photo you don't want taken
If you've been on the Loop 101 in the past year heading toward Scottsdale and beyond, you've undoubtedly slammed on your breaks. Hopefully you narrowly missed having a candid camera moment with Scottsdale's often-criticized photo radar system.

You Asked 4 It: High stress leads to high debt
This is my first year at ASU, and it's been really stressful for me. I've noticed that the more stressed out I get, the more money I spend. I already have three credit cards, and I'm wracking up debt on all of them. I feel like everything is getting way out of my control. Please help.

RC Helicopters

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