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Tempe, ASU prep for Music Festival

Photo Courtesy of TMF
PAST AND PRESENT: The 2006 Tempe Music Festival featured the John Mayer Trio. This year’s acts include The Fray, O.A.R., Yellowcard and Everclear.

Music and art will fill the air and streets of downtown Tempe this weekend, and a new agreement will give ASU students a discounted ticket.

They say: 'Download like it's 1999'

Norman Shamas stood outside of the Computing Commons Wednesday with his pants around his ankles, holding a sign that read, "The RIAA sued my pants off."

Department cracks down on bike laws
Bikers beware: the Tempe Police Department is cracking down.

Police Beat
A box of electrical boards worth approximately $4,000 was stolen form the Student Recreation Complex, police reported.

New roast, new smell, new neighbor
Tempe residents living south of Rural Road on Vista Del Cerro Drive may not notice their new neighbor, but instead may smell it.

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Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Too many Devils left stranded


Chase Field got a three hour and 15 minute warm-up for the Major League Baseball season from two of college baseball's hottest teams.

Softball running strong into Pac-10 play

It took 41 games, but the ASU softball team's real season is about to start.

Three Sun Devil athletes rank top in nation
The ASU track and field team currently has 12 marks that rank in the NCAA's top five, including three marks that rank first.

Devil Dish
There was little surprise about Wednesday's 2007 McDonalds All American basketball game.

Erickson deciding on depth chart
When entering spring camp, head coach Dennis Erickson made clear that the depth chart for all positions was unknown and all players would be given a fair opportunity to earn a spot under the new coaching staff.

Opinions: Always grab their attention in the headline

THOMPSON: Remember that your aiming to write at a fifth-grade level. The average newspaper reader doesn't want to read a piece of prose that goes on, and on, and on, without making a point. New journalism calls for grammar good.

Show complete, absolute perfection and stay away from wretched redundancies, if and when they come along.

Readers. Skim. So. Don't. Waste. Space. With. Long. Sentences.

Opinions: Drug law should be based on science, not society's standards

HANSON: Put down your gin and tonic. Put out that cigarette.

Grab some ecstasy or a joint, instead.

If a new, reportedly "landmark" study out of Britain - conducted by Professor David Nutt of Bristol University and other colleagues - is correct, the dangers posed to the user and to the society, at large, by alcohol and tobacco are greater than the dangers posed by MDMA, or the street drug ecstasy, and marijuana.

Opinions: Dude, take a chill pill
We all have those friends who just can't seem to get over high school.

On the Cover: Model Behavior


In hopes of a huge career, some models may feel the pressure to slim down.

She's the average runway model. And while her stats may cause women to be envious and men to want her, some see them as a cause for concern.

Details of Death

Skulls and crossbones, machine guns in video games, and violence on TV - it may seem like death is all around us. Death may be the common fate that all people share, but the way death is handled varies significantly among cultures.

Madame Lucy wants to hold your hand
Some think it's a gimmick to get money. Some think it's an art that only the lucky know how to use.

Hot Spot: Mixing up fashion on Mill Avenue
Colorful braided belts spill out of an antique wooden box. On the same table, metal-studded purses accompany bracelets with dangling yarn cherries.

Brite's Bites: Expand your eating horizons
Whenever I take a newbie to an Ethiopian restaurant, I never fail to hear the same joke. "But Ethiopians are skinny, so will we really even be eating anything?"

RC Helicopters

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