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Forget final four

BUMMER: Psychology grad student Frank Bevacqua shows his disappointment as he realizes the womens basketball team is going to lose during a live viewing of the game held at Wells Fargo Arena Monday.

The ASU women's basketball team's run toward the Final Four came to a screeching halt in the Greensboro Regional Championship.

With gas prices on the rise, Napolitano pens a letter

Gas prices have risen in Arizona more than 40 cents in the past month, prompting Gov. Janet Napolitano to send a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy for an explanation - but is it enough?

New developer pledges to preserve historic building
Owners are selling one of Tempe's oldest buildings in a deal that officials say will fill a critical cap in Tempe's downtown experience.

Higher prices, lower demand
Increased birth control prices at the ASU Campus Health Service have led to decreased student demand for contraceptives since the price change went into effect in January, according to the ASU Pharmacy.

Is Westgate the new black?
The allure of the Westgate City Center in Glendale may take the 'party' out of Tempe with all of the amenities of Scottsdale and a Mill Avenue-style nightlife.

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Fire consumes house

'It looks like we lost our confidence'


The ASU women's basketball team played its final game of the season in North Carolina, but for some fans, the game was at home.

Erickson moves McFoy to LB

Two major changes occurred at ASU spring football practice Monday.

Westerberg, Johnson end stellar careers
The collegiate careers of seniors Emily Westerberg and Aubree Johnson came to a conclusion Monday night as ASU lost to Rutgers in the Elite Eight, 64-45.

Polo wins one, loses one on road trip
The ASU women's water polo team completed a two-game road trip against No. 3 USC and No. 20 Cal State Northridge last weekend, coming away with one win and one loss.

Opinions: 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' could set dangerous precedent

SERVIS: Boy, I tell you, I never know what to expect when I read the newspaper these days. Between more bombings in Iraq and The Interminable Inquest into Anna Nicole Smith's life and death, it's one crazy, crazy world.

And so just imagine my weathered surprise when last week I opened up the paper to read that Jesus Christ was a pothead.

Opinions: Stealing is stealing, even if it's just an idea

VAN DER FELTZ: Most Americans know stealing is wrong. But like President Clinton a decade ago, sometimes the definition of the act is what trips us up.

As children, we learned stealing meant taking something from someone else without his or her consent. To deprive people of what was rightfully theirs for our own benefit is generally agreed upon as wrong.

Opinions: Defending the defenseless
When it comes to national news coverage, Arizona just can't seem to catch a break.

On The Cover: Defying Expectations

When she was young, Marisa Johnson read that she would likely die from cystic fibrosis before she ever reached college. Now, five years after graduating from ASU, life expectancies are climbing, and Johnson and others like her are living longer with the terminal disease.

Don't I Know You?: Q & A with the SRC

Most students only venture to the Student Recreation Center after feeling guilty about a fast food binge, but have you ever wondered what the SRC really thinks about?

Dance-punk wizard makes peace with hipsterhood
James Murphy has a history, and no one's more aware of it than he.

The 37-year-old producer, who produced seminal records by The Rapture, Hot Chip and Black Dice as one half of the indie label DFA (Death From Above) collective, made a career-defining statement with the single "Losing My Edge" in 2002.

Hot Spot: Gold Bar Espresso
Tired of your normal triple grande, extra-hot, no-foam latte? Try changing your coffee to all-natural with the organic delights available at Gold Bar Espresso.

Top 5: Ways to escape illegal-downloads disaster
The Recording Industry Association of America recently announced that 23 ASU students could soon be under legal fire after the association determined that their computers were involved in illegal music downloading. When you get your litigation letter, here are your options.

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