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Let the mudslinging begin

As the 2008 presidential election creeps closer, the long-practiced art of mudslinging has begun.

I go to ASU. Oh, and NAU. UA, too.

The Arizona Board of Regents program, called Arizona Universities Network, or AZUN, helps students from Arizona's three universities take online classes from the other two schools.

Cameras screen license plates for illegal activity
ASU police will soon be able to drive through Lot 59 and know the criminal history behind every vehicle parked there.

With spring, comes allergies
Runny noses, constant sneezing and watery eyes have pestered students like undeclared freshman Candace Mansour the last couple weeks.

Police Beat
The vehicle of a 20-year-old male ASU student was broken into in Lot 59 Tuesday evening.

From commuter to residential
ASU West Campus has teamed up with major real estate develops to bring their own version of "community" to the West Valley.

Volunteers to offer hand, enjoy weekend outdoors
ASU students tired of the hustle and bustle of the city are planning a relaxing and productive weekend in Prescott to re-energize their bodies and offer a hand in re-building Arizona's natural beauty.

Advanced Screening: Blades of Glory
The ASU Web Devil and Paramount Pictures invites you and a guest to an advanced screening of Blades of Glory on March 26.

Devils last team left from Pac


The ASU women's basketball team held an informal practice Wednesday with the special distinction of being one of only 16 teams with a reason to do so.

Jean improves despite early absence

After a three-week preseason sabbatical ASU gymnastics sophomore Tiana Jean returned to the team with her sights set on shattering records.

Devils drop doubleheader at UTEP
The ASU softball team (29-7) suffered a brutal visit to Texas Wednesday, as it dropped both games of a double header to the University of Texas-El Paso.

Baseball dominant offensively in Pac-10
Entering conference play, the ASU baseball team is leading the Pac-10 in nearly every statistical category.

Potential walk-ons have slim opportunity
Just before fall semester last August, most new students had enough trouble worrying about class schedules, living situations and a new environment.

Opinions: See-through searches reveal more than our bodies

BOWMAN: For some ASU students, flying out of Phoenix at the start of spring break might have given them the chance to be part of a test group bearing their nude body for airline security.

Right now at Sky Harbor, new technology is being tested that uses X-rays to peer through passengers' clothes and reveal their naked form and any concealed items to security personnel. The measure is arguably needed because of the inability of prior detectors to find potential weapons.

Opinions: End of tuition waivers helps fight increases

HANSON: A lot of students are angry about the fact that ASU no longer offers full tuition scholarships. And, quite frankly, I don't blame them.

Many students, especially those National Merit Scholars that President Crow and Honors College Dean Mark Jacobs covet, will continue to receive scholarships that will fully cover the costs of their tuition.

The difference is that ASU no longer offers full tuition scholarships in the form of tuition waivers. Instead, all scholarships at ASU now come in the form of specific dollar amounts,

Opinions: Who's Negative Nancy now?
Like clockwork, every campaign season brings with it a promise by the candidates to rise above the mudslinging of negative campaign advertisements.

On The Cover: Defying Expectations

When she was young, Marisa Johnson read that she would likely die from cystic fibrosis before she ever reached college. Now, five years after graduating from ASU, life expectancies are climbing, and Johnson and others like her are living longer with the terminal disease.

The handwriting you're dealt

While most people applying for a job focus on writing the perfect cover letter, their future employer may take one look at how they dot their i's and reconsider their application.

Best Of SPM: Take the survey

Brite's Bites: Artsy eats bloom at My Florist
In honor of Spring's rising temperatures and blooming flowers, I recently ate at My Florist (534 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix). No, I wasn't eating daffodil bulbs and rose buds - My Florist is a cafe.

Sticks and stones can break your bones — or make great art
Five towering balls constructed of interwoven saplings rise beside the saguaros of the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. The ends of red, grey and chestnut brown willow and creosol saplings, some with leaves still attached, poke out at odd angles. About nine feet wide and just as high, these breezy havens have windows, doors and sunroofs.

RC Helicopters

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