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ASU to check aid forms for citizenship

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
PAPERWORK: ASU will implement Proposition 300 by next fall. Prop 300 will refuse in-state and government financial aid to illegal immigrants.

University employees will spend the summer combing through federal reports and student IDs in a search for illegal immigrants as a result of Proposition 300.

Downtown Student Center now open for use

The Arizona Center in downtown Phoenix was abuzz with music, balloons, dozens of students and a large red ribbon Monday afternoon.

Don't stop peddling. You can't.
Watch out for Nick Padilla and Mark Gabriel on campus - they might run you down.

Fair aims to make deaf community visible
With a smile spread across her face, Donna Leff jumped up and down with her arms flailing above her head in an effort to catch the attention of passing students.

Volunteers to offer hand, enjoy weekend outdoors
ASU students tired of the hustle and bustle of the city are planning a relaxing and productive weekend in Prescott to re-energize their bodies and offer a hand in re-building Arizona's natural beauty.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Carpenter likes Erickson's approach

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS

Early in spring football practices, ASU junior quarterback Rudy Carpenter said he has seen a big difference between the players' efforts from last season and early on in spring practices under new head coach Dennis Erickson.

Softball travels for two games at UTEP

The No. 2 ASU softball team (29-5) will try to rebound today after a tough tournament last weekend, as it travels to El Paso, Texas to take on UTEP for a double header.

Swim teams wrap year at NCAA championships
The ASU swimming and diving team headed to Minneapolis, Minn., with high expectations.

Plummer shouldn't be stranger at ASU
Jake Plummer retired earlier this month with a plethora of memories from his football career.

Devil Dish
7. What did former ASU football player and current Cincinnati Bengal Levi Jones say at the Blackjack Table to provoke Joey Porter into swinging a punch? Hit me.

Opinions: Troubled readers, send me your woes

NEFF: I write. I write and write and write. But you never tell me anything. And I'm tired of your crap. Sick and tired!

I admit, that trip to Idaho didn't go so well. When I insulted your mother at the bed and breakfast it was completely within your rights to kidney-punch me like that. Like my pappy used to say, no pain, no gain. No love without the glove. No vanilla without the gorilla.

But the fact of the matter is I can't exist without you. You're the wind beneath my wings. The mechanic beneath my Camaro.

Opinions: Public deserves entire warming debate

WADE: Here's a quick quiz on global warming. How high are ocean waves expected to rise within the next twenty years? Is global warming man-made? Is it a true threat?

The answers vary, depending who you ask.

This should not be the case. Although answers don't always match perfectly in science, we need to have a fair, honest debate in this country on global warming - a debate that appears to be a work in progress.

Opinions: We still respect you, we promise
There's something to be said for someone who isn't afraid to face of strong opposition. Steely resolve is the stuff of legends - it is what can separate the coward from the hero.

On the Cover: More than just service


Forget a suit and tie - the women at Tempe's Heart Attack Grill wear sexy nurse costumes to work. But even if they don't mind, what do their "sex sells" attitudes mean to their employer and customers?

Best Of SPM: Take the survey

Hit a home run with Chompies
Spring training is here, and it's a great time to take someone out to the ballgame and work up an appetite while you're at it.

Local Limelight: There's no place like home
For a local musician dedicated to the tightly-knit downtown Phoenix arts scene, crossing into Tempe to perform can seem like packing up the van and heading out on tour.

Don't I Know You: Q & A with Audrey Willman
Being trapped inside a small steel booth for hours at a time isn't that bad. Just ask biochemistry sophomore Audrey Willman. In fact, you can ask her the next time you see her - if you park in any of the structures on campus. Willman is one of the workers who gets hassled everyday by angry drivers coming out of the various parking structures on campus. And no, she's not going to let you drive off without paying.

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