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4 years ago, we went to war

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
HONK FOR PEACE: Lining the streets during rush-hour traffic, protesters gathered outside Sen. John McCain’s office in Phoenix on the anniversary of the Iraq war. They were joined by counter-protesters, as well as honks from passing cars.

Hundreds of protestors stood outside the office of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Monday, chanting "Four years of war, not one more."

Small wager could have
big consequences

A student on the ASU men's basketball team broke NCAA regulations by joining a gambling pool for the ongoing men's basketball tournament on the social networking Web site

Tempe City Council votes on $2.8M for Flash
The Tempe City Council will vote this week on a $2.8 million purchase to help Tempe residents get around in a "flash."

Health officials stress caution with syphilis on rise with gay men
Maricopa County health officials are stressing the importance of safe sex in response to a recent increase in the number of syphilis cases among gay men.

What's that on the roof? It's energy.
You might think those solar panels on your neighbor's roof are an eyesore. Your homeowners association might even agree with you.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

BLOG: The Wired Devil

Senior Matt Bowman introduces Say Your Thing. Check out his most recent posts, including video, on his blog The Wired Devil.

Erickson begins implementing new system

Brandon Quester / THE STATE PRESS

Besides a new head coach, things remained quite the same at the first day of ASU's spring football practice Monday.

Women's track snags first national title

The ASU track and field team finished the indoor season on the highest note possible.

Devils to Louisville, head to Sweet 16
Let the madness begin because the ASU women's basketball team's season just got a little bit sweeter.

Track starts outdoor season right
The ASU track & field team started the outdoor season with 11 victories and had 15 regional qualifiers at the Baldy Castillo Invitational at Sun Angel Stadium last weekend.

Gymnasts fall to Arkansas
After performing well during the first half of its meet against Arkansas, the ASU gymnastics team failed to keep the win out of the Razorbacks' hands, falling on Friday night 195.125-196.175.

Devil Dish
The first rule about scouting college basketball prospects is don't talk about Kevin Durant or Greg Oden.

Opinions: Tech troubles aren't just for the old anymore

VAN DER FELTZ: "OK, I'm ready," I say, nervous, with pen and paper in hand.

I am sitting on the family room couch in a cold sweat preparing to take notes on a situation that may well change the rest of my life. The question that has plagued mankind for years is about to be answered.

"Which one of these here remotes works the TV, dagnabbit?"

Opinions: American, Palestinian youth on disturbing common ground

SERVIS: On a bus ride from London to Dover last summer, in a red double-decker through countryside that looked eerily Ohioan, I listened to a group of guys, American and college-aged, discuss heatedly how they would love to get shot.

One guy talked of the sweet .22 Beretta Cougar he owned back home, a gun he swore discharged bullets with an oily purr, and that was small enough to tuck discreetly in one's back pocket.

Opinions: The painful transparency of hindsight
A lot of us students around campus probably don't remember exactly where we were or what we were doing four years ago yesterday, when we heard that America had decided to begin a campaign against Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

On the Cover: More than just service


Forget a suit and tie - the women at Tempe's Heart Attack Grill wear sexy nurse costumes to work. But even if they don't mind, what do their "sex sells" attitudes mean to their employer and customers?

Canadian rapper creates bedroom masterpiece

It's tempting to start any discussion of Cadence Weapon's music by naming, or trying to name, other notable Canadian rappers.

Hot Spot: Casavino Winery

Tired of trekking to the local liquor store? Try designing your own wine at Casavino Winery.

Local Limelight: There's no place like home
For a local musician dedicated to the tightly-knit downtown Phoenix arts scene, crossing into Tempe to perform can seem like packing up the van and heading out on tour.

Best Of SPM: Take the survey

Tech Check: Militarized mini-storage in an indestructible USB drive
If you fear you'll come under enemy attack and need to make sure your PowerPoint presentations survive, it might be wise to get an IronDrive.

RC Helicopters

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