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Competition edges out Sodexho

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
SODEXHO OUT: Chef Felipe Pea prepares food for students Sunday at Pitchforks in the Memorial Union. Sodexho, the foodservice company that serves ASU has lost their contract.

Despite 50 years of experience, ASU's food-service vendor will likely be ousted in July.

From Hot to Cold

It's still technically winter, but that didn't stop record-high, summer-like temperatures from heating up spring break in the Valley.

Erickson gets $5.6M contract
ASU's new head football coach had his contract approved March 9 during the conclusion of the Arizona Board of Regents meeting at UA.

Police Beat
A 42-year-old transient man was arrested Friday morning at Residence Inn by Marriot, 5075 S. Priest Drive, on charges of trespassing.

On March 15, the man reportedly was warned not to return to the property but said he came back because God told him to.

BLOG: The Wired Devil

Senior Matt Bowman introduces Say Your Thing. Check out his most recent posts, including video, on his blog The Wired Devil.

BLOG: ASU Abroad
Lana Burke captures her experiences while studying overseas.

Women's track snags first national title


The ASU track and field team finished the indoor season on the highest note possible.

Women's hoops to second round

The ASU women's basketball team won its opening round game of the NCAA Tournament Saturday, defeating the University of California-Riverside, 57-50.

Women win back-to-back tourneys
The No. 1 ASU women's golf team refused to relax during spring break.

Softball drops first consecutive games of season
Perfection. Katie Burkhart knows what it feels like.

No wrestlers named All-American
The ASU wrestling team had an abrupt end to its season Friday in Detroit.

Devils go 7-2 in highlight-filled spring break
The ASU baseball team is sitting pretty after playing nine games in nine days at Packard Stadium.

Opinions: Hate crime hurts everyone

VAIDYANATHAN: The recent case of Andrew Anthos, a 72-year-old man who was beaten to death outside of his apartment in Detroit by homophobes, is a sad reminder of how far society has to go on the road toward acceptance.

Almost a decade after the Matthew Shepard trial, and the resulting attempts at hate-crime legislation, we are still grappling with how to make people understand that an impersonal hatred based on sexual orientation is wrong.

Opinions: Maoism still alive and well in China

PATE: On a trip to Tiananmen Square last week, the tour guide confided to me:

"Actually, Chinese today don't really like Mao. We prefer Deng."

She was referring to Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China's economic opening in 1978. China owes much of its current prosperity, such as it is, to Deng; furthermore, Deng has the advantage over Mao of, well, not being responsible for the deaths of millions during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Opinions: Goodbye to Sodexho
With the recent announcement that the University will be going with a new food service provider (see today's front page), we got to ruminating on all of the things new freshmen will miss out on during their time at ASU.

On the Cover: More than just service


Forget a suit and tie - the women at Tempe's Heart Attack Grill wear sexy nurse costumes to work. But even if they don't mind, what do their "sex sells" attitudes mean to their employer and customers?

Sex, sex, sleep, sex...

"I Think I Love My Wife" stars Chris Rock as Richard Cooper, a happily married man with two children, a loving wife and only one thing on his mind: sex.

Best Of SPM: Take the survey

Hot Spot: Casavino Winery
Tired of trekking to the local liquor store? Try designing your own wine at Casavino Winery.

Local Limelight: There's no place like home
For a local musician dedicated to the tightly-knit downtown Phoenix arts scene, crossing into Tempe to perform can seem like packing up the van and heading out on tour.

RC Helicopters

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