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Regents OK tech, Cronkite fees

Sam Shumaker / Daily Wildcat
ONE FEE, TWO FEE: ASU President Michael Crow voices his opinion during an ABOR meeting in Tucson Thursday.

While the majority of student voters said "no" to a proposed technology fee, the Arizona Board of Regents said "yes" Thursday to a revised version.

ABOR approves Erickson's contract, Crow amendment

ASU's new head football coach had his contract approved Friday as the Arizona Board of Regents met at UA for the second straight day.

Brown: Public gets the news they ask for
Six years after providing the nation a voice during 9/11 and 30 years after covering Watergate and Vietnam, Aaron Brown faced ASU Thursday.

E-mail threatens action if fraternity members talk to press, drive drunk
The ASU Interfraternity Council executive board cracked down on fraternity members who speak to the media or drink and drive Thursday.

On this campus, there's no free parking
Students and faculty who currently park on campus can renew their decals starting Monday - at a higher price.

BLOG: The Wired Devil

Senior Matt Bowman introduces Say Your Thing. Check out his most recent posts, including video, on his blog The Wired Devil.

'300', complete movie package

Big XII foes to invade Farrington Stadium


The ASU softball team will play a double-dip against a pair of Big XII opponents this weekend as part of the Pac-10 vs. Big XII Challenge.

Water polo to host No. 2 UCLA

The ASU women's water polo team will face another highly ranked team Saturday at noon when it hosts No. 2 UCLA.

14 Devils ready for NCAA Indoors
The ASU track & field team will send 14 athletes to Fayetteville, Ark., this weekend to compete in the 2007 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships.

Wrestlers head to NCAA Championships
Five Sun Devils will compete for college wrestling's ultimate prize.

Devil Dish
To anyone who makes fun of the Pac-10 Tournament - this includes you, Old Man Olson - you are all so ignorant.

Opinions: A few tattoo taboos from the uninitiated

HULL: A girl never really appreciates a movie like "Boondock Saints" until she sees Connor and Murphy MacManus being tattooed onto a man's stomach. At least this girl never did.

The world of tattoos as body art and self-expression is not foreign to me, but it is distant enough to make each encounter I have with it slightly more intriguing than the one before. Such was the intrigue I felt when I entered Tempe's Lady Luck Tattoo this past week and was immediately greeted with artfully drawn guns mutually aimed at what looked to be a frequent customer's belly button.

Opinions: Regardless of inhabitant, office of president merits respect

RICKETSON: The President of the United States of America deserves respect.

This was a conclusion I reached in second grade when my class voted in the 1992 presidential election, although our carbon copy ballots were not recognized by the national government.

In second grade I learned the rough outline of the president's job - the role as commander in chief, the privilege of the veto, the ability to make treaties ...

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
See what the editorial board boo's & bravos this week.

On the Cover: More than just service


Forget a suit and tie - the women at Tempe's Heart Attack Grill wear sexy nurse costumes to work. But even if they don't mind, what do their "sex sells" attitudes mean to their employer and customers?

Ostrich burger, anyone?

Watching shirtless ostrich handlers race 250-pound birds while enjoying a thick, juicy ostrich burger may seem like a strange anomaly, but it is a reality that occurs about this time every year in the Valley.

Local Limelight: There's no place like home
For a local musician dedicated to the tightly-knit downtown Phoenix arts scene, crossing into Tempe to perform can seem like packing up the van and heading out on tour.

Best Of SPM: Take the survey

How to get lucky on St. Patty's Day
Students who can't drop loads of money to head over to Ireland for spring break don't have to worry about missing out on great St. Patrick's Day fun this year. There are plenty of interesting things going on in your own backyard.

RC Helicopters

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