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Alpha Drive dry - again

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
CUT OFF: A rise in violence near Alpha Drive has prompted the second fraternity alcohol ban in a year. The Greek life houses that line the road will remain dry until March 24.

A recent rise in violence near Alpha Drive has spurred the second fraternity alcohol ban in a year.

'Inconvenient Truth' coming to a Gammage near you

First Bill Clinton, then Nancy Pelosi, and soon Al Gore.

The former vice president will be presenting the slide show on global warming that is featured in the Academy Award winning film, "An Inconvenient Truth," at Gammage Auditorium.

When jail doors slam, these two don't flinch
"My mom thinks that I am crazy."

Poll highlights public's firm stance
A recent poll shows Arizona voters want strong immigration reform - no matter the consequences.

First 'unreliable.' Now 'liberal.'
Encyclopedias are not usually defined in political terms, but when content is open to everyone, online resources can now fall to the left or right.

Chandler joins Phoenix, Scottsdale in hosting ArtWalks
Chandler is now one of three cities in Arizona that host an ArtWalk once a month. The second ArtWalk since its creation takes place today in downtown Chandler.

'Diehard' fans cheer on Sun Devil sports teams
The Diehard Devils cheer for their beloved Sun Devils, and get creative, no matter what it takes.

Devils face a fellow rising squad


With two wins in its last four games, the ASU men's basketball team will look to shock the country and win the Pac-10 Tournament in Los Angeles this week.

Devils swat Memphis at home

Opponents are dropping like flies at the rackets of the ASU men's tennis team, who defeated the University of Memphis on Tuesday, 6-1.

Culture of ASU basketball is changing
With Selection Sunday quickly approaching, it's hard to find a sports story not involving the NCAA basketball tournament.

Softball to host Creighton in matinee
The No. 2 ASU softball team will have a mid-week match up this afternoon when it takes on Creighton at 11 a.m.

Devil Dish
While one team has been an overall disappointment at Arena this season, another club has flourished in Glendale.

Opinions: Don't you dare let them tell that you're wrong

NEFF: Recently, 23 ASU students received pre-litigation letters from everyone's favorite multi-billion dollar industry interest group and legal terrorism squad, the insane Recording Industry Association of America.

The RIAA will cheerfully tell you that you are evil and threaten to ruin your life because you shared or distributed music without paying for its plastic copy.

Opinions: Iran demands European and American backbone

WADE: It appears the United States will once again be doing the heavy lifting when it comes to another international problem. Now, the problem is the nation of Iran.

At the same time the world is confronting a madman who is trying to acquire nuclear weapons, European nations continue to invest very little in an adequate military defense strategy and criticize the United States for actually having one.

Opinions: Let's support the troops. For real.
Which came first - wars or the media?

On the Cover: Coming from crisis

Katie E. Lehman, Spencer Holladay / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Images of sickness and violence in Africa seem commonplace to Americans. But this diverse continent is home to millions of unique stories. Here's what living in Africa was like for two ASU students who experienced or witnessed violence firsthand.

Forget Cancun; Tempe has it all

Spring break brings to mind soft sand, ocean waves and tropical breezes for the typical Mexico-bound college student.

Studying has never tasted this good
With the flood of midterm exams, papers and projects that preempts spring break, just the thought of going out to dinner can be exhausting.

Tech Check: Has anyone ever told you? You look just like...
The people behind are out to prove that there's a little celebrity in all of us. Perhaps more than a little. You just might be 78 percent Reese Witherspoon and 13 percent Julia Roberts, thanks to your smile.

Spice up your spring break
For many students, spring break has always meant one thing: a trip to the beach. But there are more options than fighting for a spot on the sand while watching tequila-chugging contests.

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