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Women's hoops drops Pac-10 title

POP A SHOT: Sophomore guard Danielle Orsillo pulls up for a jump shot between two Stanford players during ASUís 73-65 overtime loss on Jan. 27.

ASU took Sparky, the pep band and cheerleaders to San Jose, Calif., for the Pac-10 Tournament, but its women's basketball team won't be leaving with a championship.

When does free speech become hate speech?

When the word "gay" took on another meaning to describe something negative, a debate began over whether its use is hate speech or free speech.

In April, a California Superior Court Judge will rule on an incident in 2002 involving a girl being punished by her high school for using the phrase "That's so gay."

US Airways office building set to land on Mill Avenue
A one-block patch of prime Mill Avenue real estate will soon sprout into an eight-story office and retail building.

Here's your bus. You'll get a bed when we arrive.
Spring break is coming and students are heading to Mexico, some by way of party bus.

A reason to believe in the power of prayer
The power of prayer can be beneficial to people with psychological or mental problems, a recent study suggests.

'Diehard' fans cheer on Sun Devil sports teams
The Diehard Devils cheer for their beloved Sun Devils, and get creative, no matter what it takes.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

BLOG: ASU Abroad
Lana Burke captures her experiences while studying overseas.

Benedetti wins
platform diving title

Brandon Quester / THE STATE PRESS

Benedetti finished the platform finals with a score of 738.75, nearly 70 points ahead of his closest competition, Hawaii's Mats Wiktorsson, who earned 669.35 points in the event.

Devils get first conference win

The third time was the charm for the ASU women's water polo team.

ASU upsets Tar Heels, loses to Duke on road
The No. 20 ASU women's tennis team started last weekend with an upset over No. 4 North Carolina, but fell to No. 11 Duke Saturday.

Sun Devils go 0-for-Stanford
The third time was not the charm for the ASU women's basketball team.

Devil Dish
This Sunday, I'll be just like the millions of other sports fans, watching the NCAA selection show to see where everyone ends up.

Opinions: War in Iran, disillusionment and the new Arcade Fire album

SERVIS: And so there I am, just living my life, eating an apple and reading the funnies, when the next thing I know, my mom bursts in the kitchen, just home from work and fit to be tied.

"We're going to war!" she cries. Her face is white and her eyes are wide.

I munch on my apple. "War? Yes? Aren't we in several already?"

"Ah!" She moans. "Just listen to this!" She runs to the refrigerator and turns on the small radio above it. The crackle of an NPR broadcast fills the kitchen.

Opinions: 'Monologues' hurt feminism

VAN DER FELTZ: "I think with my mind, not my vagina," proclaimed the sign I made to protest the Vagina Monologues last Saturday. After handing the sign to a fellow Network of Enlightened Women protester, I picked up my ticket from will call and sat down in Neeb Hall to watch the show.

I had read the script but was curious to see in person how the show "celebrated the vagina" and "helped end violence against women and children," as its supporters had said.

Opinions: Don't give it to us straight
You'd have to be a die-hard Ann Coulter fan and a tough stomach to still be a supporter of the former conservative darling after all of her tasteless and offensive comments since her rise to Fox News talking-head stardom.

On the Cover: Coming from crisis

Katie E. Lehman, Spencer Holladay / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Images of sickness and violence in Africa seem commonplace to Americans. But this diverse continent is home to millions of unique stories. Here's what living in Africa was like for two ASU students who experienced or witnessed violence firsthand.

Arcade Fire's 'Bible' burns with passion

The long-awaited second full length from critically acclaimed Montreal collective Arcade Fire somehow far surpasses its predecessor in sonic and emotional impact.

Brite's Bites: Hear ye, hear ye: Who's got the medieval munchies?
The Arizona Renaissance Festival is more than just a place for all those kids you made fun of in high school to wear their big dresses and jesters' costumes.

On the Runway: Fashion Insight for men
ASU alumni Gavin Jacobs and Ryan Buono haven't gone far since graduation - literally.

Acceptance on both sides of the net
Like any sports bout, a game of volleyball can lead to players hurling insults at members of the other team to bring them down.

RC Helicopters

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