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You're invited to the gun show

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
PUMPING IRON: Friday night Flicka’s hosted the 2007 Mr. Puniverse contest. Fine arts major TC Mulcahy took first place winning himself a lifetime membership to Gold’s Gym

Women screamed for the six shirtless men who flexed their muscles and wiggled their hips to the song "I'm Too Sexy" Friday night at Flicka's Bar & Grill in Scottsdale.

Police make arrest
in hit and run

Phoenix Police arrested a woman in connection with a hit-and-run accident that killed an ASU Foundation official, police reported Friday.

New pedestrian bridges to be built across Town Lake

It's no cinematic walk along the beach, but a leisurely stroll over Tempe Town Lake will soon be possible.

Few problems with new system so far
ASU's revamped class registration system opened on Thursday and nearly 2,000 students have signed up without major glitches, a University official said.

Appeal withdrawn; run-offs get OK
Run-off elections for the Undergraduate Student Government president and vice presidents will continue today as planned.

When image becomes distorted
For years, Leslie Goldman kept her eating disorder a secret.

Movie Review: Wild Hogs
John L. Bishop reviews 'Wild Hogs', in theaters on March 2nd.

'Diehard' fans cheer on Sun Devil sports teams
The Diehard Devils cheer for their beloved Sun Devils, and get creative, no matter what it takes.

Devils are charitable in Washington win


After weeks of struggling in meets, the ASU gymnastics team rebounded Friday, proving the 2007 team could be just as strong as its national champion and NCAA appearance-riddled predecessors.

Devils win four, lose one at home tourney

The No. 2 ASU women's softball team had a roller-coaster weekend as it hosted the Wilson/Demarini Classic.

Devil Dish

Taylor Prices' Top 7

Devils in Pac-10 tourney finals
The ASU women's basketball team won its two first games of the Pac-10 Tournament this weekend to advance to Monday night's championship game against its nemesis Stanford.

Glasser's three lifts ASU past Cal
Scoring droughts have doomed the ASU men's basketball team.

Auburn trip yields one win in three tries
The No. 10 ASU baseball team was only able to come up with one win in Alabama.

Devils qualify more athletes for nationals
Several members of the ASU track and field team tried to qualify for the NCAA Indoor Championships last weekend when they competed in the Last Chance Qualifying meets in Seattle and Ames, Iowa.

Opinions: The illusion of control

VAIDYANATHAN: This is an ode to my fellow control freaks.

You know who you are. You're the one who plans what you're going to do to the meticulous minutiae, creating schedules and to-do lists and a myriad of tools to keep you organized. You keep your place in some sense of order, even if it's an organized chaos.

You're the one who works harder than the morons around you ...

Opinions: Don't punish Bush for everything

PATE: When he rejected the Kyoto Treaty in 2000, President Bush stated, "We will not do anything that harms our economy because first things first are the people who live in America."

Questionable grammar notwithstanding, we shouldn't be so quick to jump on Bush for that reasoning. Maybe for Iraq and the neoconservative movement but not for his environmental policy.

Opinions: We solemnly swear ...
We here at The State Press spend a lot of time underground.

On the Cover: Coming from crisis

Katie E. Lehman, Spencer Holladay / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Images of sickness and violence in Africa seem commonplace to Americans. But this diverse continent is home to millions of unique stories. Here's what living in Africa was like for two ASU students who experienced or witnessed violence firsthand.

Flick leaves audience moaning with pleasure

There are several shots of Christina Ricci's breasts in "Black Snake Moan." Fortunately, there are a number of less lowbrow reasons to remember this film. Simply put, it is the best film to have been released so far this year.

Spice up your spring break
For many students, spring break has always meant one thing: a trip to the beach. But there are more options than fighting for a spot on the sand while watching tequila-chugging contests.

Don't I know you?: Q&A with Jon Simpson
Even without the pointy ears and slanted eyebrows, you still might recognize film professor Jonathan Simpson for his role as Sarek in "Star Trek V: the Final Frontier."

Hot Spot: Spy shop is shaken, not stirred
The James Bond in all of us will be satisfied at Spy Headquarters, where anybody can buy both an urban combat manual and bionic ear amplifier without any of the employees thinking twice about the spy wannabe's intentions.

RC Helicopters

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