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Simonhoff, Casher set for run-off

Casher (above), Simonhoff (below)

Liz Simonhoff and Shawn Casher won the Undergraduate Student Government general presidential elections, but a disqualified candidate could derail their trip to next week's run-off elections.

In a space abandoned,
now it's all business

Hayden Flour Mill's stark, fire-charred walls stand out among the vibrant and colorful Mill Avenue storefronts that form Tempe's core.

Students vote 'no' on tech fee

Group protests 'Vagina Monologues'
The Vagina Monologues will be performed at ASU this weekend, but not all students are happy about it.

Business group pushes for meter rate increase
A business advocacy group is trying to double downtown Tempe meter rates.

RIAA singles out 23 ASU addresses for legal action

When image becomes distorted
For years, Leslie Goldman kept her eating disorder a secret.

Body Pride Fair stresses student health awareness

Say, 'Do you have a minute for the environment?'
Who are the people asking for your time?

Movie Review: Wild Hogs
John L. Bishop reviews 'Wild Hogs', in theaters on March 2nd.

Three Devils take PAC-10 honors


The ASU women's basketball team departed from Arizona to San Jose, Calif., Thursday in pursuit of a Pac-10 Tournament championship.

Gymnasts hope to stay as healthy possible

The ASU gymnastics team is looking to overcome its five-meet losing streak tonight as it faces off against the Washington Huskies at home.

First home game ends in loss for Devils
The ASU women's water polo team lost to No. 1 Stanford 12-7 in the team's home opener Thursday.

ASU remains winless on the road
Cold shooting and sloppy ball handling doomed the ASU men's basketball team from the start of its game at Maples Pavilion against the much-improved Stanford Cardinal Thursday.

Women confident entering road trip
The ASU women's tennis team feels it can run with the big dogs.

ASU tries for more national qualifiers
Members of the ASU track and field team will disperse to two different locations this weekend to compete in the Last Chance Qualifying meets.

Opinions: Tyra Banks is a national hero

RICKETSON: Today ASU wraps up its celebration of Body Pride Week, a series of events aimed at encouraging students to develop a healthy body image.

How fitting, then, that Wednesday saw the premiere of cycle eight of "America's Next Top Model" feature two plus-size contestants out of the 13 appearing on this season of the show.

Granted, plus size models tend to be size 12 or 14, while plus sizes usually begin at size 14 ...

Opinions: An ode to elections past

In what unconscious state of mind
Could I have possibly been in,
To miss out on all the campaign fun of
Undergraduate Student Government election season?
I was outside the Memorial Union Tuesday
When it was shoved into my hand:
A green election day flier
With the backing support of a rock band.
"Vote for Liz!" the slip demanded
As I stepped back aghast.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
See what the editorial board Boos & Bravos this week.

On the Cover: Coming from crisis

Katie E. Lehman, Spencer Holladay / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Images of sickness and violence in Africa seem commonplace to Americans. But this diverse continent is home to millions of unique stories. Here's what living in Africa was like for two ASU students who experienced or witnessed violence firsthand.

Local Limelight: Bring us the funk

If you don't like the '80s funk that DJ Matty P spins, he won't hold a grudge. But he will keep playing.

Brite's Bites: Hear ye, hear ye: Who's got the medieval munchies?
The Arizona Renaissance Festival is more than just a place for all those kids you made fun of in high school to wear their big dresses and jesters' costumes.

Spice up your spring break
For many students, spring break has always meant one thing: a trip to the beach. But there are more options than fighting for a spot on the sand while watching tequila-chugging contests.

Female comedian shares sexcapades, raw humor
Chelsea Handler jokes about one-night stands, drunken debacles and downright vulgar accounts of socially deviant acts in her stand-up routine.

RC Helicopters

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