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Don't hate us 'cause we're beautiful

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
LOVE ME: A study showed that college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than previous generations.

College students are so vain they probably think this story is about them, according to a study released by a San Diego State University professor.

As walls tumble,
Dave stays standing

David Cheren, owner of Dave's Dog House, located in The Arches on University Drive between Forest and Myrtle avenues, is clashing with an investment group that wants to flatten the complex in order to develop the area.

Coalition petitions for living wage
ASU Living Wage Coalition is making sure ASU does not give its workers the run around when deciding on a new food service contract.

Erickson gets $5.6 million in 5-year contract
The new head coach for the Sun Devils football team will earn at least $5.6 million if his five-year contract is approved next week.

Say, 'Do you have a minute for the environment?'
Who are the people asking for your time?

Movie Review: Wild Hogs
John L. Bishop reviews 'Wild Hogs', in theaters on March 2nd.

ASU ready for tournament time


As the calendar changes so do the thoughts in the minds of the ASU women's basketball team.

Capannolo on fire her senior year

Sabrina Capannolo has two personalities. When she's on the court playing on behalf of the ASU women's tennis team, she's a fine-tuned competitor - sitting high in the No. 1 spot on the roster and taking down some of the highest ranked opponents in the nation.

Devils land top HS player in California
With a second McDonald's All-American set to join the ASU's men's basketball team next season, fans at Wells Fargo Arena will be lovin' it.

Devils familiar with weekend opponents
The ASU women's water polo team opens its 2007 home schedule when it hosts a pair of conference foes.

Devil Dish
What happened to the popularity of boxing?

Opinions: Educated opinions important part of education

BOWMAN: I'm at a loss sometimes when I see what some lawmakers think is smart legislation, and I'm finding myself in that place again with the discussion in the Arizona Senate over the new measure to restrict the conduct of professors in classrooms.

In summary, as an effort to prevent teachers from expressing or advocating political opinions in classrooms, legislators have introduced a bill that would make it illegal for teachers to take a stand on controversial issues, require schools to educate faculty, students and their families on such policies. The bill also outlines penalties for violations.

Opinions: Playboy more than just nudity

THOMPSON: Every person has a dream job.

Some want to run multi-billion dollar businesses. Others want to start non profit organizations and try to change the world for the better. Most simply want long-term job security.

After graduation, I want to write for Playboy.

It may not be a trip to the moon, but for me, a writing position with the premiere entertainment magazine in the world affords the ultimate career destination.

Opinions: And why do we care?
Occasionally, when we're done admiring our own reflections in our computer screens and placing the pictures of ourselves on our desks back at the proper angle...

On the Cover: Coming from crisis

Katie E. Lehman, Spencer Holladay / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

Images of sickness and violence in Africa seem commonplace to Americans. But this diverse continent is home to millions of unique stories. Here's what living in Africa was like for two ASU students who experienced or witnessed violence firsthand.

Acceptance on both sides of the net

Like any sports bout, a game of volleyball can lead to players hurling insults at members of the other team to bring them down.

Local Limelight: Bring us the funk
If you don't like the '80s funk that DJ Matty P spins, he won't hold a grudge. But he will keep playing.

Hot Spot: Spy shop is shaken, not stirred
The James Bond in all of us will be satisfied at Spy Headquarters, where anybody can buy both an urban combat manual and bionic ear amplifier without any of the employees thinking twice about the spy wannabe's intentions.

Don't drink the water
"Why does the water here taste like crap?"

Spice up your spring break
For many students, spring break has always meant one thing: a trip to the beach. But there are more options than fighting for a spot on the sand while watching tequila-chugging contests.

RC Helicopters

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