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'I don't know the candidates'

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
CASTING THE VOTE: Mathematics junior Marcos Valdez and anthropology senior James Randall cast their vote in the USG elections Tuesday. The polls close today.

Students clad in green and gold T-shirts swarmed the Memorial Union Tuesday to encourage fellow students to vote in Undergraduate Student Government elections.

1,100 in Afghanistan,
Guard recruits on campus

Even before his first day as ASU's National Guard recruiter, Staff Sgt. Sergio Garcia was canvassing the University for possible recruits, posting flyers around campus.

On this green campus, Crow pushes for no emissions
President Michael Crow is joining 98 other university leaders in a fight against carbon emissions, yet another move to make sustainability less a buzzword and more a state of mind.

Despite Prop. 300's wide approval, lawmakers work to overturn part of it
Even though Arizonan voters passed Proposition 300 in November by a large margin, U.S. representatives for the state are looking to introduce legislation that would negate it.

With the SRC a commute away, students need go only a block
Instead of making a trek to Tempe, about 300 students have opted to forgo the Student Recreation Complex and work out somewhere a bit closer - The Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, a 45,000 square-foot facility one block west of the University Center.

The Towers switches hands, but little is expected to change
Beginning July 1, Residential Life will manage and operate The Towers.

2007 MLB Spring Training in full swing
When spring time rolls around and Arizona weather is at its best, 12 Major League teams arrive in Arizona to partake in 31 days of Spring Training baseball.

'Lymbyc' gets new album out of their system
With the January release of their latest album, "Love Your Abuser," the Lymbyc Systym is poised to become one of Phoenix's premier acts.

EARTH TALK: Fast-food recycling
What are the fast-food chains doing to cut back on, or recycle, the huge amount of paper, plastic and foam they use daily?

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Youth injuries push Borsheim to golf


Before his days as a promising amateur golfer, freshman Knut Borsheim was much more of a soccer player and a snowboarder growing up in Norway.

Devils blast 'Cats in Tucson

While it's yet to be determined who the best college baseball team in the Pac-10 is, there is currently no doubting who the best college baseball team in Arizona is.

Mad, Mad March approaches quickly
As we quickly approach March, one main sporting event will take center stage.

Devils finish fifth at Pac-10 championships
Thanks to a strong personal effort by sophomore Gal Nevo, ASU's No. 21 men's swim team didn't leave the Pac-10 Championships in Federal Way, Wash. without some hardware.

ASU sins consecutive Wildcat Invitational
For the second consecutive season, the No. 2 ASU women's golf team finished on top at the 2007 Wildcat Invitational in Tucson.

Devil Dish
Kansas City Star and AOL sports writer Jason Whitlock has always bugged me.

Opinions: Cheney has cakes, eats it too

There was a time when Dick Cheney was a staunch opponent of the United States initiating an occupation in Iraq. He talked about the difficulty involved with setting up a new government, and even went so far as to predict a quagmire.

Of course, that was 16 years ago, and at that time, Cheney was defending the other Bush's decision to vacate Iraq after the war over Kuwait. It was the time when he was part of an administration that didn't make claims that Iraqis would universally greet us as liberators.

Opinions: Innocent until cinematically guilty

NEFF: When I first heard that David Fincher was making an expensive Hollywood movie about the Zodiac killer, I had my brilliant column all planned out. "Hollywood glorifies serial killers yet again! Casting call! Murder in a stylish, clever, and morbidly fascinating way and you too can have your very own feature film in thirty years or so!"

But then last week I saw the damn thing, and it wasn't half bad. From what I know about the case, they didn't glorify it, beyond the first, obvious glorification ("the medium is the message," you know). I calmed down-somewhat.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor
As many of you may or may not be aware, the Undergraduate Student Government has begun balloting in its Presidential election. In today and tomorrow's election, the Young Democrats aren't endorsing a candidate and are remaining neutral.

On the Cover: Dealing with debt

Photo illustration by Bettina Hansen / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

On the first day of her college career at UA, psychology student Heather Neal, now 20, signed up for her first credit card.

Take a 'detour' to Fate

Although many may already be familiar with First Fridays, the popular free art walk in Phoenix every first Friday of the month, the first weekend in March has a little something extra to offer.

Brite's Bites: "C" is for cookie, and cookie is for Tara

I love cookies. So imagine my delight when a restaurant with the word "bakery" in its name opened up just five minutes away from campus.

Hot Spot: A Middle Eastern medley
At Café Istanbul and Market, a Middle Eastern restaurant and shop, dim lighting illuminates ornate lanterns and plastic grapevines hanging from the ceiling, providing a cozy atmosphere for diners.

Don't I know you?: Q&A with Kali Ray Torres
With her elegant movements, it's not hard to find yourself staring at Kali Ray Torres during her modern dance class.

On the Runway: Spring into style
Fall 2007 Fashion Week, held Feb. 2 to 11, hit the streets of New York harder than the hail the city's recently been getting. Fall 2007 Fashion Week showcases designers' new spring trends.

Poetry with an edge
"Be prepared to participate. Be prepared for anything."

This is the advice Veronica Harner, an art education sophomore, gives to people that have never been to a poetry slam, an event where poetry is spit out, thrown, huffed, whispered and sung rather than just read.

RC Helicopters

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