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'Father of Tempe' sets up shop in Scottsdale
Widely considered the father of Tempe, Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., opened his district office Sunday - in Scottsdale.

Within the vibrant fabric, a glimpse of cultural roots
Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
RUNWAY SCHOLARSHIP: Nigerian contestant Ejiro models clothes in the first Arizonaís Faces of Africa Pageant. The clothes were designed for the creative wear category Friday. Presented by ASUís African Student Association, the pageantís purpose was to raise funds for a scholarship. About 20 ASU students strutted down the runway Friday night, but they weren't modeling the latest haute couture - they wore traditional African clothing representing their native lands.

ASU Police make a move
ASU Police is packing its bags and moving - down the street.

Instead of Mexican beaches, they plan to see democracy
Instead of partying in Rocky Point, four ASU honors students will see the U.S. Supreme Court in action over spring break, and it's all free.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old Tempe woman was arrested at Scottsdale and Playa Del Norte roads Wednesday morning for an outstanding warrant.

Even with a $1,000 rental-fee increase, officials say, it's a 'steal'
It's about to get more expensive to host an event at Tempe Town Lake.

ASU ranks 24th for illegal downloads
Photo illustration by Jamie Scharer / THE STATE PRESS
STOLEN JAMS: Art history junior Stacey Dimichle listens to music she downloaded onto her iPod. ASU ranks 24th among universities for illegal downloads. More than half of college students are opening their Internet browsers instead of plastic-wrapped CDs to get their music.

In the digital age, ASU pushes laptops
Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
PLUGGED IN: Sociology senior Lindsey Nash works on her laptop near the Farmer Education Building. ASU is currently working with Apple and Dell to provide laptops at an affordable rate and are calling the program 1:1, one computer for every student. ASU students have a chance to get discounted laptops thanks to the University's partnership with two leading computer companies.

RC Helicopters

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