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Down to the wire,
Devils lose by three

CONTACT: ASU junior guard Antwi Atuahene looks to pass the ball to a teammate around UA forward Marcus Williams during the first half of Sunday night’s 61-58 loss at Wells Fargo Arena

The Sun Devils dropped their 20th game of the season with a 61-58 loss to UA at Wells Fargo Arena Sunday, but ASU had reason to be optimistic despite the result.

Within the vibrant fabric, a glimpse of cultural roots

About 20 ASU students strutted down the runway Friday night, but they weren't modeling the latest haute couture - they wore traditional African clothing representing their native lands.

'Father of Tempe' sets up shop in Scottsdale
Widely considered the father of Tempe, Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., opened his district office Sunday - in Scottsdale.

ASU Police make a move
ASU Police is packing its bags and moving - down the street.

Instead of Mexican beaches, they plan to see democracy
Instead of partying in Rocky Point, four ASU honors students will see the U.S. Supreme Court in action over spring break, and it's all free.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old Tempe woman was arrested at Scottsdale and Playa Del Norte roads Wednesday morning for an outstanding warrant.

In the digital age, ASU pushes laptops
ASU students have a chance to get discounted laptops thanks to the University's partnership with two leading computer companies.

Artisans and students create bowls, raise funds
Tempe students and local artists filled Tempe Beach Park Saturday, selling their own clay bowls to raise money for the Empty Bowls charity.

You could be 'Next'!
A crew of MTV recruiters began a 20-week casting call for the fifth season of its irreverent reality dating show Next in Tempe earlier this month.

2007 MLB Spring Training in full swing
When spring time rolls around and Arizona weather is at its best, 12 Major League teams arrive in Arizona to partake in 31 days of Spring Training baseball.

EXTRA: Cronkite breaks ground

Devils sweep Alabama Birmingham at home


There is no point in putting the brooms away at Packard Stadium.

The No. 11 ASU baseball team (10-3) swept its second consecutive home series of the season last weekend, this time against Alabama Birmingham (2-5).

Devils drop first game of season to Northwestern

The No. 2 ASU Softball team (17-1) suffered its first loss of the season Saturday, as part of the Palm Springs Classic in Cathedral City, Calif.

Devils set wins record vs. 'Cats
It was a classic rivalry game that had it all.

Defense. Offense. Fans bickering at one another in between heckling the referees.

'Close but no Cigar' vs. Northern Cal schools
The ASU women's tennis team walked away from last weekend's duals winless, having faced two of the toughest teams on its schedule in No. 7 Cal and No. 1 Stanford.

Devil Dish
I spent my weekend watching the NFL scouting combine and couldn't help but wonder what each player will score on the Wonderlic Test.

Opinions: A change would do you good

VAIDYANATHAN: An interesting conversation with a colleague last week made me wonder about the way people talk to each other.

I asked her about what it was like to be a graduate student, and she described the perfectly typical, ordinary life that most of us spew off to strangers when making small talk - something a lot of us tend to do.

We speak without really making a connection and communicating because it's difficult to truly converse with everyone you meet.

Opinions: The Electoral College is not going anywhere

PATE: A few days ago, I was looking for movies to rent and passed by the newly released "An Inconvenient Truth." I opted for "28 Days Later" instead, since I'd prefer not to spend two hours listening to Al Gore harangue me about water conservation. Re-caulking my bathroom sounds about as entertaining and far more useful.

But I did get to thinking about the 2000 election and the influence of the Electoral College on our politics. It's a flawed beast, but it's not going away anytime soon.

Opinions: You only have yourself to blame
Ever since the spectacular rise and fall of Napster, record industry executives have been on a nearly rabid offensive against music downloaders, pointing their chubby fingers at falling sales and shrinking profits.

On the Cover: Dealing with debt

Photo illustration by Bettina Hansen / STATE PRESS MAGAZINE

On the first day of her college career at UA, psychology student Heather Neal, now 20, signed up for her first credit card.

Cop team only reliable for a good laugh

Anyone who has seen "Reno 911!" knows that crude language, drunken sex and gratuitous violence are all in a day's work for the Reno Sheriff's Department. Luckily, all these make it to the big screen in spades.

Brite's Bites: "C" is for cookie, and cookie is for Tara

I love cookies. So imagine my delight when a restaurant with the word "bakery" in its name opened up just five minutes away from campus.

Tech Check: Is that a sing-along in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Top 5: lessons learned from tabloid queens
Thanks to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, the general population now has the following knowledge...

RC Helicopters

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