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Graduation is so close, yet so far

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
ONE YEAR TO GO: Illegal immigrant students talk about how they work and pay taxes just like other students at ASU, and how Proposition 300 affects their future.

They have GPAs higher than 3.7, full tuition waivers, participate in ASU activities and want nothing more than a degree - but next fall it could all be erased for these two Sun Devils because they're illegal immigrants.

Family of slain ASU student starts foundation

The family of Carol Kestenbaum, the ASU student shot to death Sunday morning, established a foundation in honor of their daughter Tuesday, said Laurie Fontana, a family friend.

Fleeing war, refugees find new home
When freshman Abby Mishmish's father faced Saddam Hussein's ultimatum to fight for Iraq or die, the family fled.

Family, friends wonder how to take next step after murder-suicide
Carol Kestenbaum was a fun-loving and spirited young woman, devoted to her friends and always ready to have a good time, her friends and family said Monday.

Diversity defines presidential contenders
The 2008 presidential election is shaping up to have more variety than a Baskin-Robbins menu, with female, black and Mormon candidates vying for the White House.

The alarm that just went off wasn't theirs
Residential Commons residents expressed concerns Sunday night about construction noises.

Movie Screening: Zodiac
There's more than one way to lose your life to a killer. See Zodiac with Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr., courtesy of the ASU Web Devil this Thursday, Feb. 22.

Calendar: Feb. 15-21, 2007
Music, comedy & events to do, Feb. 15-21, 2007.

EARTH TALK: Animals used for dissection in classrooms
Dear EarthTalk: Are the animals used in classroom dissection taken from the wild? If so, wouldn't this be endangering their populations?

Cronkite Newswatch
Visit Cronkite Newswatch to see streaming video of newscasts, and air times.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Benedetti picks up
where Puhakka left off

Photo courtesy of Jason Wise Photography

Micky Benedetti is not your typical redshirt freshman.

College detour not always the right choice

Lately, many of my friends have been giving me a hard time because I always seem to take the unpopular stance in regards to sports.

Hastings' epic career wrapping up

February 10, 2007 was just another day at the office for senior distance runner Amy Hastings.

Devil Dish
We are closely approaching one of my favorite times of the year. We have bats cracking, nets swishing, goal lights swirling and brackets busting all at the same time.

Weekend yields more triumphs for Devils
The ASU track and field team had another successful weekend, resulting in event wins and automatic and provisional qualifying marks for the NCAA Championships during the Southwest Invitational.

Devils drop conference match
The ASU women's water polo team dropped another game to a ranked opponent Sunday when it lost to No. 4 Hawaii 12-8 in Honolulu.

Opinions: Death to all meaningless holidays

Two days ago we celebrated Presidents Day. No doubt you spent the day reciting the names of past presidents from memory and trading presidential trivia barbs with your friends.

Presidents Day is a worthless holiday, and it ought to be abolished.

In the past, there were two holidays in the month of February to honor Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The birthdays of these presidents were Feb. 12 and 22, respectively.

Opinions: Gender politics doesn't have place in science

Catherine Traywick's column last Tuesday was filled with egregious errors, unsupported claims and an over arching misunderstanding of science, one that I worry is only too common in literary and political academia today.

In "Discrimination Disguised as Science," Traywick denounced recent research on the biological differences between men and women, attacking Simon Baron-Cohen, a professor of psychopathology at Cambridge and author of "The Essential Difference."

Opinions: How much longer?
Many among the bloggers and column writers and general opinioneers around the country have taken their turn speculating about the interest in the 2008 presidential election (present company included).

On the Cover: Shocking science


Electrotherapy has a long and sad portrayal in popular movie history: Randle McMurphy from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" strapped to a cold, metal table; Sara Goldfarb in "Requiem for a Dream" shaking in pain; John Nash's wife in "A Beautiful Mind" sobbing as her husband's amazing brain gets fried.

Night on Apache is night of Middle Eastern fun

If you haven't discovered one of Tempe's best culinary treasures, Pita Jungle, make a point to do so immediately.

Local limelight: Do you want to join a band?
You are the final member of The Ecclesia. The group's members - journalism junior Eric Graf, University of Pennsylvania senior Mitch Manger and recent UA graduate Brandon Kreitler - say the purpose of their music is to incorporate their listeners into their songs.

Top 5: Sports to wach now that football is over
Check out the sports that SPM thinks will fill the football void.

On the Runway: Broke for Beauty
Although designer fashions are popular, most college students aren't willing to blow an entire paycheck to have them.

RC Helicopters

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