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After years of lax enforcement, city cracks down on code violators

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
TREELESS: Anthropology sophomore Derek Leiss crouches on a stump in his backyard where a tree once stood. The city of Tempe ordered the owner of the house to cut down several trees in his yard because they were infested with termites.

For more than 20 years, concert fliers and signs covered the windows and doors of Zia Records on University Drive and Maple Avenue.

New system means more dialogue for law enforcement

Tempe officials are revamping the city's communication infrastructure, allowing the police and fire departments to talk to officers from other cities during emergencies.

His "eureka" moment came while throwing away lids
When Tony Bouie worked at Circle K, he was shocked to see how many lids were made unsanitary and thrown away unnecessarily.

Parking structures take on new names
ASU's parking structures will shed their numbers and take on names of the nearby streets and campus landmarks starting in August.

Police Beat
A 34-year-old Tempe man was arrested at Tyler Mall Tuesday afternoon on charges of trespassing.

Devils want to relieve frustration


The ASU men's basketball team is still winless in conference play, but will look to pick up its first win tonight, when the Sun Devils host the No. 5 UCLA Bruins at Wells Fargo Arena.

Softball jumps to No. 2 in nation

The No. 2 ASU softball team's stellar opening weekend didn't go unnoticed, as it climbed the top-25 poll, while two players earned personal accolades.

Devils' mission rest of way: win on road
With more than half of February finished, the ASU women's basketball team is taking on a different mentality, one that will be crucial in the coming weeks.

Baseball to kick off Surprise tourney
The Sun Devils hope to pop the top this weekend in Surprise.

Devil Dish
Coming a week after the NFL had its league-wide field trip to Hawaii, the NBA is converging on Las Vegas this weekend to showcase the best-of-the-best the Association has to offer.

Opinions: Personal privacy at stake in disclosing sexuality

HANSON: That question, fueled by statements James made to the Columbus Dispatch, has confronted us with a more general question: do you have an obligation to disclose your sexual orientation to your teammates or coworkers?

Amazingly, the NBA may prove to be a laboratory to see what tangible successes America's various gay-rights initiatives can claim in the more masculine elements of U.S. culture.

Opinions: A post-Valentine's fable

THOMPSON: I picked my Juliet up for our first Valentine's Day together.

"You look beautiful," I said, when first I saw her.

"Thank you," she said, as we got ready to leave.

Everything was set up perfectly - like Shakespeare.

Until we got to the restaurant and circumstances changed.

There was a problem with the reservation.

Opinions: Twilight Zone regulations
Just when you might've thought that life outside of the college bubble might make a little more sense, Tempe officials have decided to lead us all to scratch our heads a little more.

On the Cover: Shocking science


Electrotherapy has a long and sad portrayal in popular movie history: Randle McMurphy from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" strapped to a cold, metal table; Sara Goldfarb in "Requiem for a Dream" shaking in pain; John Nash's wife in "A Beautiful Mind" sobbing as her husband's amazing brain gets fried.

Vinyl Vendors

In an entertainment industry where businesses compete to sell the newest technology to music mavens, some still choose to spin records instead of the wheels on iPods.

Local limelight: Do you want to join a band?
You are the final member of The Ecclesia. The group's members - journalism junior Eric Graf, University of Pennsylvania senior Mitch Manger and recent UA graduate Brandon Kreitler - say the purpose of their music is to incorporate their listeners into their songs.

Do I know you?: Q&A with Safety Escort
During a late-night trip to the Memorial Union, "Guitar Hero" tunes ricochet off the empty walls. In the Safety Escort office, two students fix their eyes to a TV - plastic guitars in hand - and battle it out on the interactive video game. Three others lounge nearby. Where can we sign up for this job?

Immigration issues
Jose* lives in Phoenix. He works every day to support his wife and two children.

RC Helicopters

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