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Do not pass Mill,
do not collect lunch

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
DRIVERíS VIEW: Construction continues on University Drive and Mill Avenue, constricting commuters to one lane and causing traffic to back up Tuesday. The construction is scheduled to end March 15.

One of the busiest intersections in Tempe is once again under construction, and local businesses are paying the price.

USG president makes play for UA student regent spot

While USG President Ross Meyer will graduate this May as a Sun Devil, he may be serving the Arizona Board of Regents next year as a Wildcat.

Downtown to be a bit more exciting for Sun Devils, just not quite yet
ASU was founded in 1885 as a teachers college, according to

'For a new vaccine, it's a good start'
Campus health officials have injected nearly 70 ASU women in the last six months with a controversial new vaccine that could protect against cervical cancer.

Wait a sec, I thought you were already running
The process of running for U.S. president is wearing people out, according to an ASU professor.

Prof: ASU missing 'core perspective'
ASU professors may not be doing enough to teach students about topics relating to people of various ethnicities, a history professor said at a forum Tuesday.

Calendar: Feb. 8-14, 2007
Music, Sports and Events for Feb. 8-14, 2007

Movie Review: 'Music and Lyrics' sings an appropriate pitch
With a familiar cast, an entertaining storyline, and some surprisingly decent songs, Music and Lyrics proves itself to be a romantic comedy that nearly all can enjoy.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Stith has sights set on national championship


The time has come for one of ASU's most successful wrestlers to validate his career.

A plan to build for the future

Though the ASU men's basketball team is still winless in Pac-10 play, those familiar with the Sun Devils know the culture of the team has begun to change.

Sports jerseys aren't always uniform
Sports uniforms have always amazed me.

Satow wins Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week honor
The Pac-10 named ASU junior pitcher Josh Satow the Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week today.

Devil Dish
Shotgun Seven
7. The Boston Celtics won't win again until they play on St. Patrick's Day.

Opinion: Free headbanging comes with its own costs

NEFF: The heavy metal community let out a resounding "zuh" this week as Sharon Osbourne announced that tickets to the 25-city 2007 Ozzfest tour will be completely free.

Zuh? Free? Osbourne said that many of 2006's acts had demanded up to 300 bones per show, for "an hour's work onstage."

Sick of paying through the nose and making others do the same, Osbourne simply refused to raise the cost of tickets. "It nearly destroyed us," she said. "With Ozzy's audience being younger, they can't afford any higher prices."

Opinions: Be nice when you skate Arizona State

ATWOOD: You may have noticed that the act of riding a skateboard around campus has increased in popularity quite a bit over the last few semesters. Skateboarding is cheap, easy, and most importantly, fun -all qualities prized by college students.

The sound of urethane wheels click-clacking over cracks in the sidewalk around campus has become as familiar as people talking on their phones, and religious types yelling in front of the MU.

Meanwhile, the Cowtown skate shop a few blocks from campus reports selling 10-15 long boards a week - a good number of which probably end up in Sun Devil hands.

Opinion: Want a senator with that?
If you thought shelling out two extra quarters for another packet of ranch dressing at Chik-Fil-A was bad, wait till you hear what it could potentially cost you to get a little face time with your elected representative.

On the Cover: Reversing Roles


As more women take on the dual titles of "career woman" and "Mommy," some men find themselves in different shoes than they may have imagined. Here's what it's like to be a stay-at-home dad or to make less money than your wife.

Tucked-away treasure dishes out must-try Vietnamese fare

Don't be deterred by Vietnamese restaurant Cyclo's location: step inside, and you'll instantly forget you're in a strip mall on the corner of Chandler Boulevard and Dobson Road.

The organic revolution
Two ripe, bright-red tomatoes sit next to each other at a local grocery store. The only difference between the two is that one is labeled organic.

On the Runway: Breaking down fashion borders
American style is traditionally defined by a simple look - jeans and a T-shirt. To break the monotony, the best place to look is beyond the border.

You Asked 4 It

Brite's Bites: Fry bread frenzy
Tucked between a broken-down, red cocktail parlor and a small, dirty employment agency on Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, there sits a little place I'd like to call heaven.

RC Helicopters

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