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Hitting the road has never felt
so green

Jamie Scharer / THE STATE PRESS
FULL TANK: Physics and mathematics sophomore Aaron Royer drives a Nissan Versa. These vehicles are included in a new trend known as Green Cars cars that are environmentally friendly and have low fuel emissions.

When Diana Browne bought her new car, she wasn't too concerned about saving the environment. Instead, she was looking to save some cash with a vehicle that would give her good gas mileage.

Tempe police take stroll down Mill Avenue

After patrolling Mill Avenue for almost two years, Officer J.J. Arredondo of Tempe Police hit the bricks of downtown Tempe in a different way Thursday - on foot.

New system does away with pre-reg
Pre-registration is gone, and sociology junior Leanne Young said that's a good thing.

Through mentors, students see their future
Seven ASU students are getting a taste of city government this semester thanks to a new mentor program.

ASU Police want to know: won't you be their neighbor?
ASU's Police Department is bringing the police station to the residence halls.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old male ASU student was arrested Tuesday night at Sonora Center on charges of an outstanding warrant.

The man's outstanding warrant was a failure to pay a fee for being a minor in possession, according to police reports.

AIDS Week Schedule
AIDS Week events

ASU Art Cafe hosts new exhibit
Free coffee in hand, surrounded by friends and admirers, her life's work on display for the first time-Catherin Colaw couldn't help but grin.

New gym takes shape, outside
The Student Recreation Complex, where students and faculty work to shape their bodies, is staying true to its New Year's resolution and doing some reshaping of its own.

Calendar: Feb. 8-14, 2007
Music, Sports and Events for Feb. 8-14, 2007

Movie Review: 'Music and Lyrics' sings an appropriate pitch
With a familiar cast, an entertaining storyline, and some surprisingly decent songs, Music and Lyrics proves itself to be a romantic comedy that nearly all can enjoy.

Johnson, Westerberg nails in comeback


It didn't start pretty, but the ASU's women's basketball team overcame a brutal first half to down the Oregon Ducks at home Thursday, 61-48.

Softball opens with 2 blowout wins

David certainly didn't beat Goliath Thursday night, as the No. 5 ASU softball team rolled over the visiting Northwestern State Demons with two mercy rule victories in a season-opening double header.

Devils still looking for first victory
The ASU gymnastics team is looking to make up for losing its initial three meets of the season, when the team hosts the annual UNO's Classic tonight.

Devil Dish
New ASU football coach Dennis Erickson gushed Wednesday about how his staff had widened the Sun Devils' recruiting board, broadening its horizons.

Transfer Spencer already a big hit
It's a long way from Tobacco Road to Tempe.

Olympic Sports Roundup
The ASU track and field team will split up this weekend and travel to four different meets throughout the country.

Opinion: Finding bigotry with cheese trays

HULL: Religious extremism is a tricky subject.

While I only pretend that I know what I'm talking about, especially if you ask me after several rounds of communion wine, I'm usually the first to agree that no one has all the answers. But I do know how sad it is when one sect turns violent toward another.

Take, for example, the recent incident involving militant Pabst Blue Ribbon terrorist action against those worshipping the divine powers of Miller High Life, the Champagne of Beers.

Opinions: Battling the horrors of Valentine's Day

RICKETSON: It happens every year.

I get this sinking feeling in my stomach.

I have trouble breathing.

I don't want to do anything except stay in bed all day eating chocolate and watching romantic comedies or Jane Austen adaptations. Or best of all, tragic love stories where someone dies of cholera.

The source of my affliction is, no surprise, Valentine's Day, or, as it's known in some circles and more aptly for myself, given my perpetual singledom, Singles' Awareness Day.

Opinions: Letters to the Editor

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
See what the editorial board Boos & Bravos this week.

On the Cover: Reversing Roles


As more women take on the dual titles of "career woman" and "Mommy," some men find themselves in different shoes than they may have imagined. Here's what it's like to be a stay-at-home dad or to make less money than your wife.

On the Runway: Breaking down fashion borders

American style is traditionally defined by a simple look - jeans and a T-shirt. To break the monotony, the best place to look is beyond the border.

Hot Spot: Yucatecan Imports
Yucatecan Imports is a cultural gem, featuring gifts from more than two dozen countries such as Jordan, Yemen and Romania.

Tech Check: Tech toys for Valentine's Day
Many holidays provide a gender-neutral opportunity for gift-giving.

Brite's Bites: Fry bread frenzy
Tucked between a broken-down, red cocktail parlor and a small, dirty employment agency on Seventh Avenue in Phoenix, there sits a little place I'd like to call heaven.

RC Helicopters

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