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Sun Devils welcome new recruit class

Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
SIGNING DAY: ASUís head football coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media about new recruits on national signing day. The university signed more than 20.

The ASU football team was still rounding turn one on the recruiting track, as most schools were speeding down the final stretch, thanks to the transition from former coach Dirk Koetter to current coach Dennis Erickson.

Sun in their faces, students work out - outside

Brandon Hone works out with his two friends at the Student Recreation Complex every day.

Students ask why they should pay
A proposed technology fee could extend ASU's wireless network, but students questioned why their pocketbooks need to cover the costs at an open forum Wednesday.

Bill could alleviate tuition hikes
Tuition increases would be out of the hands of the University and the Arizona Board of Regents if a bill discussed by the Arizona Senate passes - but students aren't supporting it.

Police Beat
A 44-year-old Tempe man was arrested at the Sonora Center Residential Hall Tuesday morning for an outstanding warrant from Tempe police.

ASU bids for '08 presidential debate
Secret service agents combed the campus. National journalists hosted their TV shows straight from Hayden Lawn. Student protesters supported their candidate of choice with large, homemade posters.

Calendar: Feb. 8-14, 2007
Music, Sports and Events for Feb. 8-14, 2007

ASU Art Cafe hosts new exhibit
Free coffee in hand, surrounded by friends and admirers, her life's work on display for the first time-Catherin Colaw couldn't help but grin.

New gym takes shape, outside
The Student Recreation Complex, where students and faculty work to shape their bodies, is staying true to its New Year's resolution and doing some reshaping of its own.

Alpha Epsilon Pi to host charity Battle of the Bands
Rock out at Alpha Epsilon Pi's Battle of the Bands, a charity event being hosted to donate supplies to military hospitals overseas.

Movie Review: 'Music and Lyrics' sings an appropriate pitch
With a familiar cast, an entertaining storyline, and some surprisingly decent songs, Music and Lyrics proves itself to be a romantic comedy that nearly all can enjoy.

On the green, there are bits of maroon and gold

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS

A sports fan may expect to hear students chanting "A-S-U" and "Let's Go Devils" at an ASU football game, but probably not at a golf tournament.

"It's a party," said Sarah DeCaussin, 24, a Scottsdale resident and ASU alumna. "The fans' attitude is, 'Golf rules. Let's pretend we're at a football game.'"

Pendergraph proves his worth
Off the court, he speaks in a quiet manner - sometimes smiling while cracking a joke to members of the local media.

Devil Dish
While watching the Super Bowl, one thing suddenly dawned on me - no NFL team is "my" team.

ASU women's basketball hosts Oregon
The ASU's women's basketball team will take to the court at Wells Fargo Arena two final times this season when it hosts a pair of Pac-10 opponents.

Opinions: In world of new media, power is with the people

BOWMAN: Rarely has the potential to make a change been as evident as in the story of three guys who left their California homes to explore the world and came back to start a movement.

In 2003, three friends in their early 20s, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole, got on a plane for eastern Africa. They left knowing only that stories were happening worth seeing and that needed to be talked about. They took little money, no real plan and an eBay-bought camcorder.

Opinions: The beat is changing for problematic American dream

THOMPSON: Flashy, smooth and aggressive, the American hip-hop dream is a pursuit not unlike other American dreams, like the ones our parents chased, and the ones their parents ran after before them.

The best desired results of the American hip-hop dream still produce a rewarding life: security, a nice house, a happy family and, in general, a better financial picture than what our parents experienced.

Opinions: The Talented Mr. Bush
He came into office with a budget that had enjoyed a surplus under a Democratic president, and has spent six years plunging the country back into debt, increasing the national deficit by $2.8 trillion.

On the Cover: Reversing Roles


As more women take on the dual titles of "career woman" and "Mommy," some men find themselves in different shoes than they may have imagined. Here's what it's like to be a stay-at-home dad or to make less money than your wife.

Don't I know you? Q&A with Kyle Coughlin

English junior Kyle Coughlin knows how to get a crowd excited for the weekend - by bathing with another man on stage.

Local Limelight: Mother Nature: Meet Your Match
It can be dangerous to be a young, local band trying to realize a dream. Mesa quintet Oh Doctor has braved Mother Nature on the nation's highways just to make it to a night's gig.

Top 5: Strange Grammy nominations
1. Record of the Year

James Blunt's "You're Beautiful." This one-hit wonder is up against the works of prolific musicians like the Dixie Chicks and Mary J. Blige.

The organic revolution
Two ripe, bright-red tomatoes sit next to each other at a local grocery store. The only difference between the two is that one is labeled organic.

RC Helicopters

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