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Smile, you're on camera 101

Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
CAMERAS REACTIVATED: Cars speed by the inactive photo-radar cameras on the Loop 101 and Shea Boulevard Thursday. The cameras will be reactivated Feb. 22 until June.

Six photo radar cameras along Loop 101 are set to be reactivated Feb. 22, but students like Hayat Bearat won't change the way they drive.

Cities team up to improve Valley landmark area

The pink, cavernous rocks of Papago Park are a Valley landmark, and city council members hope a new partnership with surrounding communities will solidify its image as the area's premiere urban park.

Brrr, it's really cold out there
Icy windshields and at least one day of snow meant donning heavy jackets and gloves for students during the coldest January the Valley has weathered in 28 years.

Cities team up to improve Valley landmark area
The pink, cavernous rocks of Papago Park are a Valley landmark, and city council members hope a new partnership with surrounding communities will solidify its image as the area's premiere urban park.

Clemson, Tarleton students host 'racist' parties
While controversial theme parties similar to those at two U.S. universities have never occurred at ASU, University officials said they can't control students' off-campus behavior.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old male ASU student was arrested in Palo Verde West Thursday evening on charges of being under 21 with alcohol in his body, falsification of a license and unlawful use of a license.

Cronkite Newswatch
Visit Cronkite Newswatch to see streaming video of newscasts, and air times.

Calendar: Things to do, Feb. 1-7
Music, Theater, Events & Comedy, Feb. 1-7, 2007

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Write, cast, rehearse, perform
Given just 24 hours to write, cast, rehearse and perform a play, most would wilt under the white-hot lights of the stage.

Women's tennis still undefeated

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS

The undefeated No. 24 ASU women's tennis team protected its perfect record Thursday, rallying in the final match to take down No. 23 Fresno State, 4-3.

Opening day for ASU baseball tonight

The wait is finally over for the ASU baseball team.

Photos: Slideshow

Week in Sports, Feb. 12-16, 2007
Week in Sports, Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2007

Sendek ejection inspires Devils, home crowd
For the extra couple hundred students that got their first glimpse of the ASU men's basketball team Thursday night, coach Herb Sendek provided them with a moment they won't soon forget in a 66-61 loss to the Washington Huskies.

Women's hoops gets 'W' in Seattle
The ASU women's basketball team got back to its winning ways Thursday in Seattle when it triumphed over Washington, 75-64.

Devil Dish
While new ASU football coach Dennis Erickson is still learning how to navigate to his Sun Devil Stadium office without running into some form of construction in this city, let's take a moment to remember his predecessor.

Opinions: Wayne Brady and the most popular person on the Internet

HULL: Just admit it to yourself already. You were driving down University this week and caught yourself almost crashing your deceased grandmother's 1995 Buick Riviera into the new releases section of Hollywood Video.

You may not care to let other people in on this, but I know the reason you were distracted. It's because you looked up at the giant white Improv marquee and saw the ten letters that let you believe for a second that life was good again: WAYNE BRADY.

Opinions: The revolutionary art of spelling

RICKETSON: They're the kids who sat at a table by themselves in the lunchroom back in elementary school.

They wore glasses. They had braces.

They didn't talk to you unless it was to impart some portentous piece of information regarding the Utahraptor (largest member of the therapod dinosaur family Dromaeosauridae).

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
BOO to Daniel Radcliffe for ruining "Harry Potter."

On the Cover: Going green


Part of President Crow's New American University plan involves making ASU a sustainable campus. Now if he would only just clue the rest of us in to what on earth that means...

Amsterdam's loss is Phoenix's temporary gain

Thousands of people flocked to Phoenix last weekend to see 17th-century Dutch art on loan from the Netherlands.

Time to get your game on
Months of grueling exercise; hours of press conferences; four quarters of sweat-drenched, hard-hitting, jaw-knocking plays.

The Super Bowl may be exhausting for its competing players, but luckily for those fans watching the game at home this Sunday, the only thing left to tackle is the party.

Hot Spot: Mac's Broiler and Tap
Tempe is lacking in "Cheers"-like neighborhood pubs that skip the glitz and focus on good drinks and exceptional food. Mac's on Guadalupe Road and McClintock Drive is the exception.

Go West, young student
Watch out, Tempe.

RC Helicopters

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