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Streets aren't full, but inboxes are

Tom Priddy / KRT
Protestors look on during the inaugural parade along Pennsylvania Avenue, following President George W. Bush’s second Inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C., January 20, 2005.

The Vietnam War spurred millions of students to protest in the streets. The Iraq war has spurred millions of students to send e-mails.

Beating the trend, ASU largely trans fat free

Despite growing concern over trans-fat content in food, ASU students don't have to worry about the artery-clogging substance on campus.

City of Tempe just needs some room
Tempe City Council will vote tonight on a proposed change that would strengthen the restrictions on adult-oriented businesses and ban "swinger clubs."

This spring, passport as essential as sunscreen
With spring break less than six weeks away, students are buying swimsuits and packing suntan lotion.

For an impoverished Africa, students turn air into water
Drawing water from thin air may seem like magic, but for six ASU students it's business.

Police Beat
An 18-year-old male ASU student was arrested at the ASU police station Monday morning on charges of knowingly possessing a fictitious license.

Cronkite Newswatch
Visit Cronkite Newswatch to see streaming video of newscasts, and air times.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

Write, cast, rehearse, perform
Given just 24 hours to write, cast, rehearse and perform a play, most would wilt under the white-hot lights of the stage.

Loop 101 expected to reactivate cameras
For a nine-month trial period between Jan. and Oct., six photo enforcement cameras were installed on the Loop 101 freeway, rearing results that many Arizonans may find startling.

Expectations high as ASU returns to the dirt


Potential has never been so prevalent for the No. 14 ASU baseball team, ike davis,

Hoping for wins in second round of Pac

After nine conference losses, some of which were seemingly the Sun Devils' to win, the ASU men's basketball team will try to drop the goose egg out of its conference record tonight.

Photos: Slideshow
Week in Sports, Feb. 12-16, 2007
Week in Sports, Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 2007

Devil Dish
The superlative 7

I just planned your weekend - free hoops
How easy is it to get behind the ASU men's basketball team?

So easy, a caveman, could do it.

Glasser is men's hoops' new workhorse
In the 29 years ASU has competed in Pac-10 basketball, no other Sun Devil freshman has logged more minutes than point guard Derek Glasser.

Opinions: Farewell to heroic Barbaro

THOMPSON: He went to the post in the sixth position at the 131st Preakness Stakes, the undefeated thoroughbred, winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby, to take a shot at horse racing's prestigious Triple Crown.

He wedged into the starting gate, beside Brother Derek, two stalls apart from Bernardini, shrouded in a buzz of hope that had collected at the Pimlico Race Course in Maryland.

Opinions: Bullies take control of the National Guard

BOWMAN: Standing up to a bully can be a futile effort. Sometimes, you just have to take your game and bruised shin to the other side of the street.

With the efforts of some in the Arizona Legislature to form a Homeland Security Force in response to the increased federalization of the National Guard, our representatives are considering turning this neighborhood rule into policy.

Opinions: A war against 'banalization'
If you look banal up in the dictionary, the first image to come to mind probably wouldn't be Paris' most famous street for shopping.

On the Cover: Going green


Part of President Crow's New American University plan involves making ASU a sustainable campus. Now if he would only just clue the rest of us in to what on earth that means...

Time to get your game on

Months of grueling exercise; hours of press conferences; four quarters of sweat-drenched, hard-hitting, jaw-knocking plays.

The Super Bowl may be exhausting for its competing players, but luckily for those fans watching the game at home this Sunday, the only thing left to tackle is the party.

Go West, young student
Watch out, Tempe.

Local Limelight: Icy Core of Jupiter is hot
You're holding the edge of a patchwork parachute, waving it up and down while spinning in a circle.

Hot Spot: Mac's Broiler and Tap
Tempe is lacking in "Cheers"-like neighborhood pubs that skip the glitz and focus on good drinks and exceptional food. Mac's on Guadalupe Road and McClintock Drive is the exception.

Brite's Bites: No weeping necessary for this willow
La vie boheme isn't just for the French (or the cast of "Rent"). At the Willow House in Phoenix, bohemia is alive and well.

RC Helicopters

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