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They paved paradise and put up a New American Parking Lot

Photo Courtesy of NCE / THE STATE PRESS
PARK IT: The New American Parking Lot, located on the southeast corner of 10th Street and Mill Avenue, has been constructed using an innovative pervious concrete. This will keep the concrete cooler than normal in the summer.

ASU President Michael Crow is one step closer to achieving a New American University with the addition of a New American Parking Lot.

Rock art likely safe from paint prank

Despite concerns that paint on "A" Mountain had damaged centuries-old American Indian rock art, an expert analysis said the ancient carvings are safe.

Group helps raise awareness about student issues
ASU West's campus club, Arizona Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), has been holding events to broaden the student community's knowledge on problems within the community.

Former dean named vice provost of Polytechnic
Albert McHenry's days as dean of the College of Science and Technology at the Polytechnic campus are over. After ten years as dean, he has decided to pursue new horizons at ASU.

Ambassador talks about foreign relations, immigration
ASU got an extra dose of Greek life on Monday.

Program targets off-campus students
Construction freshman Ben Whitmer currently lives in Palo Verde Main, but he plans to look for an off-campus apartment next year.

Government official speaks to finance students
A commissioner from the Securities and Exchange Commission challenged ASU students to uphold honesty in the world of investment Monday.

Write, cast, rehearse, perform
Given just 24 hours to write, cast, rehearse and perform a play, most would wilt under the white-hot lights of the stage.

Walk and silent auction raises money to train service dogs
Tempe Beach Park was flooded with dogs Saturday during the Walk 'n Roll Dog Walk and Silent Auction.

Loop 101 expected to reactivate cameras
For a nine-month trial period between Jan. and Oct., six photo enforcement cameras were installed on the Loop 101 freeway, rearing results that many Arizonans may find startling.

Photo slideshows
Tunedig Shindig
Pow wow
Candlelight vigil | Virginia Tech
Fire consumes house

EARTH TALK: Cooking oil in vehicles
Dear EarthTalk: I understanding that you can run a diesel car on used cooking oil. Why would I want to do that and how would I convert such a vehicle to do so?

Noe knows what's ahead for Simon


As freshman guard Dymond Simon laid motionless on the court during the ASU women's basketball game against USC on Jan. 21, the muted crowd of more than 3,500 only began to decipher what had just occurred.

Darkness shortens first round in Tucson

Play at the PING Arizona Intercollegiate tournament was suspended Monday because of darkness.

One win, one loss during Oregon trip
A bite from the injury bug can wreak havoc on any team's progress.

It has made the ASU wrestling team's dual meet standings even more difficult.

Devil Dish
charles barkley, dan marino, john elway, ray bourque, terrell davis, peter forsberg, peyton manning, chicago bears, rex grossman

Opinions: Unanswered question feeds abortion debate

VAN DER FELTZ: As the month of January draws to a close, the abortion activists on both sides of the debate return to their regularly scheduled lives after marking the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

A couple of interesting points were brought up for the occasion. Should the old debate even exist anymore given that the highest court in the land made a decision on it over three decades ago? And if we are going to continue having open discussion about the issue, why not focus on areas of the abortion argument other than the fetus?

Opinions: 2008 election has lots of time to develop, plot thickens for 2008 elections

SERVIS: Oscar season started early this year - very early. It'll be two years before we tally the votes, and already five of America's top entertainers have elbowed their way up to center stage.

What? Think I'm talking about DiCaprio, Murphy, Streep, Winslet and Dench?

No. For the next two years, it's all about Washington performances, delivered in a Hollywood style. Which big-budget, DC shtick will snatch the presidential gold -- Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Giuliani or McCain?

Opinions: New American everything
After we heard that ASU President Michael Crow's New American fervor had spread to a parking lot, we thought about all the other things on campus that could use a nice revamping in the New American image.

On the Cover: Painful Passion


Colorful tattoos line Anna Kinison's arms, silicone stars are implanted into her hands and scars in the shapes of stars, crosses and circles jump out from her fair skin.

New EP features psychedelic sound

On its debut EP, "7 From The Village," Fields offers up an intoxicating mix of sunny harmonies and searing shoe-gazer soundscapes.

Welcome to the dark side
Many ASU students spend time at local bars and clubs in the Valley, but many may not know about the darker, underground culture that hides in the shadows.

Ditch the desert
Sparkling white snow. Sloping hills. Chair lifts, parks, rails and jumps.

Top 5: Ways to satisfy your candy craving
top 5 ways to satisfy your candy craving

RC Helicopters

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