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Crow rolls out five-year plan
ASU President Michael Crow told the Arizona Board of Regents Friday that he plans to expand admissions, eminence and community engagement at the University over the next five years.

Bill targets DWT - driving while texting
Bettina Hansen / THE STATE PRESS
L8R: If a new bill passes through the Arizona State Legislature, text messaging while driving may become illegal.  According to the bill, drivers could be fined up to $200 for text messaging while driving. DWT — Driving While Texting — isn't exactly a DUI, but it'll still be a mean fine if the Arizona State Legislature passes a bill banning text messaging while driving.

Tempe tackles $2.5 million puddle that never dried up
Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
pH PHOBIA: The west side of Tempe Town Lake may not be as dry after Tempe builds a pipe to route Mesa water from the east side of the lake to the west side. Mesa dumps nearly 15 million gallons of reclaimed water into the Salt River daily which changes the pH levels in Tempe’s lake. Heavy rain two years ago created a large puddle of water in the normally-dry Salt River bed east of Tempe Town Lake.

Loud pop, sharp pain
"1... 2... Taser."

'Just the threat of the Taser is enough'
Andrea Bloom / THE STATE PRESS
TASER SAFETY: Vice President of Communications for Taser International Steve Tuttle displays the inside of a Taser gun in the production room of Taser International Friday.  The death of a Gilbert man after being tased by police has recently sparked a debate over Taser safety. Despite recent reports of injury and death from Tasers, ASU and Tempe Police Departments continue to praise the devices that they say save lives.

Single raindrops affect landscape
One ASU professor is studying the effects rain splashes on decidedly dry environments.

Police Beat
A 23-year-old Tempe man was arrested at Baseline Road and Beck Avenue Friday morning on charges of aggravated DUI.

RC Helicopters

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