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Tempe tackles $2.5 million puddle that never dried up

Lee Kauftheil / THE STATE PRESS
pH PHOBIA: The west side of Tempe Town Lake may not be as dry after Tempe builds a pipe to route Mesa water from the east side of the lake to the west side. Mesa dumps nearly 15 million gallons of reclaimed water into the Salt River daily which changes the pH levels in Tempe’s lake.

Heavy rain two years ago created a large puddle of water in the normally-dry Salt River bed east of Tempe Town Lake.

'Just the threat of the Taser is enough'

Despite recent reports of injury and death from Tasers, ASU and Tempe Police Departments continue to praise the devices that they say save lives.

Crow rolls out five-year plan
ASU President Michael Crow told the Arizona Board of Regents Friday that he plans to expand admissions, eminence and community engagement at the University over the next five years.

Bill targets DWT - driving while texting
DWT — Driving While Texting — isn't exactly a DUI, but it'll still be a mean fine if the Arizona State Legislature passes a bill banning text messaging while driving.

Loud pop, sharp pain
"1... 2... Taser."

Single raindrops affect landscape
One ASU professor is studying the effects rain splashes on decidedly dry environments.

Police Beat
A 23-year-old Tempe man was arrested at Baseline Road and Beck Avenue Friday morning on charges of aggravated DUI.

Walk and silent auction raises money to train service dogs
Tempe Beach Park was flooded with dogs Saturday during the Walk 'n Roll Dog Walk and Silent Auction.

Loop 101 expected to reactivate cameras
For a nine-month trial period between Jan. and Oct., six photo enforcement cameras were installed on the Loop 101 freeway, rearing results that many Arizonans may find startling.

EARTH TALK: Cooking oil in vehicles
Dear EarthTalk: I understanding that you can run a diesel car on used cooking oil. Why would I want to do that and how would I convert such a vehicle to do so?

Calendar: Jan. 25-31, 2007
Calendar of events: Sports, Music, & Art.

ASU shows strength early


Break out the brooms.

Bruins edge out Devils

The ASU gymnastics team learned Friday that small flaws can make a big difference.

Wiggins makes the difference for Cardinal

Asking a team to stop a two-time conference player of the year is just as hard as it sounds.

ASU shows strength early
Break out the brooms.

Not yet ready to beat the best
The ASU women's basketball team suffered its second heartbreaking loss of the season to rival Stanford Saturday, falling to the Cardinal at home in overtime, 73-65.

Devils set to tee-off in 'T' Town
After a promising opening to the 2006-2007 season, the No. 25 ASU men's golf team looks to pick up right where it left off.

Devil Dish
We are a fortunate generation.

Opinions: FOX, CNN need Arabic schooling

PAYNE: Fox News may be wrong, but CNN sure isn't right. Both are failing in their mission of informing the public.

A week ago, Fox News got in trouble for reporting that current Democratic Party rock star Barrack Obama - whose unfortunate middle name is Hussein - attended a madrassa in Indonesia between the ages of six and eight.

Opinions: Text-speak and the death of English? Think again.

GROVE: As a new academic semester begins, educators around the country are haunted by New Zealand's decision to allow text message slang on national exams.

What does the New Zealand Qualifications Authority's policy say about the future of our language? Are we to condone Suzi who cant use apostrophes? and what about chad, a student i know whos given up on capitals? Worse yet, what do we do about Johnny, u wont blieve this 1, who drops vowels and uses acronyms?

Opinions: OMG can U believe it?
Cell phone users without an unlimited text-messaging plan are already familiar with the costs that can come with excessive texting.

On the Cover: Painful Passion


Colorful tattoos line Anna Kinison's arms, silicone stars are implanted into her hands and scars in the shapes of stars, crosses and circles jump out from her fair skin.

Losing hand in 'Aces'

"Smokin' Aces" is a heist movie with a twist. Well, several twists actually. It has a mob contract as the payoff, comedians cast as deadly killers, a twist ending, and, most unfortunately, so much going on at once that very little ever actually happens.

On the Runway: Making cheap chic
Rumors that cheap-chic clothing retailer H&M may be opening a store in Tempe are causing fashionable students to bite their nails in anticipation.

Tech Check: Secret searching at your toe tips
If you're tired of too many close calls when viewing those nudie sites, start saving up for a StealthSwitch.

You Asked For It: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas
Q: Dear Amy,

I'm engaged, and I recently went to Las Vegas. My friend hooked up with a guy she met, and they went back to our room.

RC Helicopters

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