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ABOR OKs new language school

NOW HEAR THIS: ASU President Michael Crow listens to questions Thursday during the Arizona Board of Regents meeting at the Memorial Union.

The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) approved turning the department into its own school, the School of International Letters and Cultures, at a meeting in the Memorial Union.

Crow presents five-year plan to ABOR

ASU President Michael Crow presented his five-year strategic plan Friday to the Arizona Board of Regents at a meeting held in the Memorial Union.

ASU will begin checking citizenship starting this fall

ASU is going to begin checking the citizenship status of all students when they enroll in the fall.

Either the halls are drier or the residents are smarter
Residential Life handed out 39 alcohol-related violations the first week of the semester - a decrease compared to the 84 violations issued in the first week of the fall semester, officials said.

For cross-Valley commuters, the bus doors just opened
For two years, Samuel Tobler inched through bumper-to-bumper traffic in an hour-long commute from his home in Queen Creek to his classes at ASU.

Police Beat
A 20-year-old female ASU Polytechnic student reported being harassed on her telephone in Las Casas Residence Halls Jan. 15.

Loop 101 expected to reactivate cameras
For a nine-month trial period between Jan. and Oct., six photo enforcement cameras were installed on the Loop 101 freeway, rearing results that many Arizonans may find startling.

Calendar: Jan. 25-31, 2007
Calendar of events: Sports, Music, & Art.

Where the wild things are: Jan. 22-26, 2007

EARTH TALK: Cooking oil in vehicles
Dear EarthTalk: I understanding that you can run a diesel car on used cooking oil. Why would I want to do that and how would I convert such a vehicle to do so?

PTS: News & Updates
Intersection of Mill Avenue and University Drive restricted Jan. 15 - March 15

Devils outlast No. 20 Golden Bears


The ASU women's basketball team outlasted visiting California 66-54 Thursday to sweep the regular season series with the Golden Bears and set up a monster showdown against No. 9 Stanford on Saturday.

Devils host No. 6 UCLA in home opener

ASU gymnastics team is looking to avenge a defeat in its season opener last weekend as the Sun Devils face off against No. 6 UCLA tonight at home.

Devils prepare for pair of duals
After a marginal performance at the Aztec Invitational in San Diego on Jan. 13 followed by a weekend off, the ASU men's tennis team has had plenty of time to practice for a set of duals today.

Duck and Beaver hunting in Oregon
A trip up north is all the ASU wrestling team needs to boost its morale.

Men's rugby opens spring season tonight
The ASU men's rugby club will kick off regular season play when it takes on Clairmont and University of California-San Diego this weekend.

Opinions: Aladdin: A sweet escape from reality

HULL: The vast majority of the ASU community was tuned to one event Tuesday night. We sat glued to our sets, ready to see what changes will come within the next year for us at Arizona State nay, America as a whole. I am speaking, of course, of the return of "Gilmore Girls" from the doldrums of winter reruns.

Rejoicing in Rory and Lorelai's endeavor to save Christmas and lamenting Luke's upcoming custody battle for newly discovered daughter April, it served as a riveting hour for us all.

Opinions: Release of Dreamgirls racist

RICKETSON: This is not a column about what a wonderful film "Dreamgirls" is.

This isn't about its all-star cast or the spectacle of its song and dance numbers.

This isn't about how the story supposedly mirrors the rise of the Supremes and the dynamic among those three talented and complicated women.

This column is about the racism still embedded in our society and how it was put on display for the world in the marketing of Paramount Pictures' $70 million movie.

Opinions: Boos & Bravos
Check out what the editorial board Boos & Bravos this week.

On the Cover: Painful Passion


Colorful tattoos line Anna Kinison's arms, silicone stars are implanted into her hands and scars in the shapes of stars, crosses and circles jump out from her fair skin.

Local Limelight: Dear and the Headlights

Local band Dear and the Headlights is focused on more than just getting their name in lights. In fact, for the band members, getting to play music comes first and getting their name out comes second.

Ditch the desert
Sparkling white snow. Sloping hills. Chair lifts, parks, rails and jumps.

On display: the human form, literally
It's controversial, educational and experimental; it is art of the human body, literally.

Top 5: Ways to satisfy your candy craving
top 5 ways to satisfy your candy craving

Brite's Bites: Pink Taco not titillating
Well, guys, I finally did it. I lost my Pink Taco virginity. And it was typical of anyone's first time sloppy and awkward.

RC Helicopters

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