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ASU prepares for pandemic flu

Ashley Lowery / THE STATE PRESS
FIGHTING THE FLU: Nursing Manager for Campus Health Service Lori Lynn injects Nikki Flores, a medical assistant, with the flu vaccine.

Seasonal flu is an issue that Campus Health Service deals with each year, but pandemic flu is another story.

Tempe plans for greener pastures

City officials said they hope plans for sports facilities and grassy fields would entice thousands of young athletes and their families to visit Tempe.

Professor up for arraignment on assault charges
An ASU professor accused of assaulting the co-founder of the Caucasian American Men of ASU club will be arraigned early this semester.

ASU waits on last piece for final switch to Gmail
Although ASU officials continue to advocate the move to Gmail, ASU students have more time to switch, as the phase out of EMMA e-mail is pushed back from
January 2007 to later this spring.

USG develops online student resource center could be all ASU students need when searching the Internet for information about school.

Police Beat
A 19-year-old male ASU student was arrested at Hassayampa Residence Hall Thursday morning on charges of being underage with alcohol in the body.

EARTH TALK: Organic fashion
Dear EarthTalk: Where can I find fashionable clothing brands that use organic materials?

Calendar: Jan. 18-24, 2007
Calendar of events: Sports, Film, Theatre & Art.

Wave goodbye to the pigskin and say hello to the hoops season
As the semester turns from fall into spring, the sports seasons make the transition as well.

PTS: News & Updates
Intersection of Mill Avenue and University Drive restricted Jan. 15 - March 15

6-game winning streak comes at a price


Make room Phoenix Suns - you're not the only basketball team in town on a winning streak.

Weekend brings one win, one loss for ASU

The ASU wrestling team made up an early seven-point deficit against Cal State Bakersfield to win the teams' Pac-10 dual meet 19-18 on Friday night.

Devil Dish
For those in search of a rather large monkey, I think Peyton Manning might be able to point you in the right direction.

Season opener yields lopsided loss
Luckily, there's plenty of time for improvement for the ASU gymnastics team.

Devils still 0-for in Pac-10 competition
It's eight games into the Pac-10 schedule and the ASU men's basketball team has yet to win a conference contest.

Devils dominate UC Davis at home
The No. 23 ASU women's tennis team beat University of California Davis at home on Friday 5-2, thanks largely to completely sweeping the doubles matches.

Opinions: Benefits of liberal arts education found outside bank account

BILL: I was recently at a University-sponsored event that drew a considerable number of parents. My parents didn't even come to my chorus concerts when I was in elementary school, so it comes as no surprise that they frankly don't give a damn about my extracurricular activities now that I'm 20.

Consequently, if I wanted to get that parent-sponsored food, I had to talk to someone else's parents. Here is what a conversation with one dad looked like:

"So, Lucia, what's your major?"

Opinions: American values require equal school funding

PATE: The United States traditionally has a pretty decent stance on education. We made it compulsory, we tend to keep religion out of things, and we integrated - though it took us long enough.

Not bad. I give American education a high B.

The problem is that we don't give every student the same quality of education. The nation's richest county, Loudoun County, Va. spends $4,000 more per pupil than the nation's poorest, Kalawao County, Hawaii.

Opinions: E-politics
This weekend, Sen. Hillary Clinton's formal announcement of her presidential ambitions did more than shore up donations nationwide.

On the Cover: From conflict to classroom


More than 3,015 American military members won't be coming home from Iraq. Here's the story of three ASU student-Marines who did.

Paper clip helps local artist snag record label

After the phenomenon where Kyle MacDonald, of Canada, traded a red paper clip for a house in 14 trades, Gnant (who was trade 10) ended up with a recording contract, which she traded for a year of free rent in her Phoenix condo.

"Pan's Labyrinth" leads to a visual feast for the eyes
"El Laberinto del Fauno" ("Pan's Labyrinth") is a modern fairy tale - not a neutered Disney story, but rather a violent, very adult tale worthy of the Brothers Grimm.

Top 5: Worst ASU moments of 2006
See what made the worst ASU moments of 2006.

On the Runway: The New Black
A pair of leggings can divide opinions as much as any political debate. For every girl that absolutely loves sporting the calf-hugging cutoffs under her miniskirt, there's another girl that is scowling at the pair in confusion.

Brite's Bites: Hip helpings at Carly's
Welcome back, SPMers, for another semester of eating out and trying new things.

RC Helicopters

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