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Heat's out, so are sleeping bags

OUT COLD: Amber Robinson stays bundled up and in an effort to stay warm at ASUís Irish B residence hall. The heat had been out since the spring semester began.

Honors college residents faced Arizona's coldest night in 17 years with no heat Sunday.

Construction extends campus commutes

"Be patient." That is what Sue Taaffe, a spokeswoman for the city of Tempe, suggested students do to cope with the construction and road closures around ASU.

Critics of ASU-hosted Web site cry 'treason'
Critics say ASU is tearing up the U.S. Constitution and stepping on the Bill of Rights by hosting a controversial Web site - but those in charge call the claims "silly."

If you build them, will they come?
Tempe is growing up, literally. Several high-rise hotels will soon join "A" Mountain and the Hayden Flour Mill on Tempe's skyline.

East Valley holiday DUI tickets spike 17 percent
East Valley police issued a record number of DUI citations over the holiday break.

Crow, 'Arizonan of the Year'
Despite rising tuition costs, ongoing parking issues and a Greek Life that feels neglected, ASU President Michael Crow was named 2006 "Arizonan of the Year" by The Arizona Republic.

Police Beat
A 30-year-old Mesa man was arrested near University Drive and Rural Road early Monday morning.

Faces of Ben, Faces of Metal
Big Ben, a 27-year-old Tempe mechanic with a reddish goatee, was practicing with his metal band, Malo de Dentro, in a Phoenix warehouse.

A big ball of hope
This is the last year for Serge Angounou to realize his dream on the basketball court. This is his last chance to make it into the NBA.

Men are Lady Devils' practice fodder


In order to be one of the best teams in the country, it's imperative for the ASU women's basketball team to go hard in every practice day.

Changes haven't amounted to W's

The ASU men's basketball team has lost seven consecutive games since its 71-66 win over North Carolina A&T on Dec. 21.

Hump Day Hoopla
The longstanding tradition continues.

Devil Dish
About once a year, an athlete transcends his competition and becomes an inspiration for the whole world to see.

Opinions: Winter break didn't apply to the rest of the world

NEFF: Tighten the valve on the gin drip! Chase those squirrels out from betwixt your ears! Refamiliarize yourself with the effect of printed text on your video- game-bedimmed eyes!

Winter break is over and it's time to continue the lockstep march toward the real world. I graduate in May, and that fact already looms over my head like some vast incomprehensible iceberg.

But enough about me, let's talk about you. You in the form of what you should have been paying attention to and how it will probably affect you.

Opinions: Wrong campaign focus leads to poor potential presidents

WADE: Given the media coverage, it appears we are moving to a point in politics in which we will elect a safe candidate as opposed to the best.

In the past, a party nomination would generally go to a politician with great experience and political expertise, among other factors. Lately, however, there is a shift in criteria from choosing those who are more accomplished to those who are less easy to sink.

This is evident in the 2008 presidential race, where the pool of candidates is already forming.

Opinions: Arizonans of the year
One of Arizona's other news sources has taken it upon itself to award one of this great state's residents with the honor of being the Arizonan of the year. They bestowed this year's title upon our university president, Michael Crow.

U.K. singer makes MySpace her space

MySpace may or may not be a haven for child predators and obnoxious 15-year-old girls, but it also launched the career of one of the year's best new musicians: 21-year-old Lily Allen.

'Alpha Dog's' bark as bad as its bite
Jesse James Hollywood is one of the youngest people to have ever been on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list.

RC Helicopters

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