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Eat, sleep, study


The parties and procrastination must now come to an end. That's right; it's time for final exams.

Smoking ban passes

Starting next year, smokers will have to abide by a stricter campus smoking policy, which includes a ban on all indoor smoking.

Park to 'bridge' ASU, downtown Phoenix
When Natalie Gomez, a social work junior, first started working in the U.S. Postal Service building at the Downtown campus, she had no idea she would eventually be able to get some quality lunch breaks in a new park built just a few feet away.

Fallen officer's family sues
The wife and parents of a police officer killed in a Tempe DUI accident in April filed a lawsuit on Friday against several companies that reportedly provided alcohol to people under age 21 at a Tempe festival.

ASU Foundation gets new president
The ASU Foundation will get a new president and chief executive officer in January, who will replace current president and director of the ASU Office of Development, Ira Jackson.

Photos: Kawambe Omowale African Drum and Dance Ensemble
View additional photos of the Kawambe Omowale African Drum and Dance Ensemble. The group performed Sunday at ASU.

Movie screening: Freedom Writers
Paramount Pictures and ASU Web Devil invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of Freedom Writers.

Movie Review: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
BISHOP: I'm talking about Tenacious D, the heavyweight tag team of Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

The 2006 All-State Press Team


The State Press sports staffers' picks for top athletes of Fall 2006.

Devil Dish
With the NFL season hitting the stretch run, everyone wants to know who's winning the Super Bowl. Allow me to answer.

Opinions: A few pointers for college success from a departing Sun Devil

THORSON: After three semesters of my opinions, State Press readers will finally get a reprieve next semester while I focus on a little something called graduation.

But before I give up my newsprint soapbox, I have a few bits of advice and some wisdom that I've picked up during my time at ASU that I would like to share with you all:

1. Get involved. The most successful students I have seen go through this University are the ones who make it a point to participate in student organizations, student government, athletics, clubs and more.

Opinions: Readers' responses keep column writing interesting

WADE: One of the so-called perks of being a columnist is all of the fan mail you receive. And by fan mail, I mean e-mails, letters, phone calls and the odd box left at our front doors.

Here are some of the highlights from what I received. The names, of course, have been omitted to protect the sacred reader-writer privilege.

It's always interesting to see the types of responses a column will elicit. It's worthy of note how an opinion piece, especially one that is not political or meant to be controversial in any way, can elicit such divergent replies.

Opinions: Letters to The Editor
Alternatives to an entrepreneur program

Please be aware that ASU offers a certificate in entrepreneurship through the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.

Cheaters never prosper


Academic dishonesty has become easier than ever. With the push of a button on an iPod, cell phone or PDA, students can have the answers to test questions and custom-written essays at their fingertips. But how is ASU responding to this new cheating challenge?

Local limelight: Making music isn't just for majors

In middle school, some students sign up for band so they don't have to take P.E.

Festival brings art lovers to Tempe
There was a different kind of fun taking place on Mill Avenue over the weekend.

Waltzing away from boring bars
Booty shaking and belly shirts may define a night out for most club hoppers.

Culture shock: ASU is No. 32
Apparently ASU isn't as concerned with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll as we all thought. That is, according to

Brite's bites: A slice of Italian heaven
Well, faithful readers and fellow food lovers, it's time to say farewell, as this is the last SPM of the semester.

RC Helicopters

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